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“U.S. talks with Israel on release of spy Jonathan Pollard” Politico

"The United States is talking with Israel about the possibility of releasing convicted spy Jonathan Pollard early from his life sentence as an incentive in the troubled Mideast peace negotiations, a person familiar with the situation said Monday. Such an … Continue reading

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“Chris Christie apologizes for ‘occupied territories’ remark” Politico

"Christie made clear “that he misspoke when he referred to the ‘occupied territories.’ And he conveyed that he is an unwavering friend and committed supporter of Israel, and was sorry for any confusion that came across as a result of … Continue reading

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The origins and original function of NATO

NATO was created as a DEFENSIVE collective security alliance for the purpose of deterring any Soviet attempt to take more territory in Europe than they had been able to gain control of in the years immediately following WW2. By the … Continue reading

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A note from Turkey.

"Kunuri, Habakkuk, SST; Turkey, and perhaps quite a few other nations, owe a debt of gratitude to the patriot who exposed the planned false-flag operation and stymied a critical gambit in the great game. The well-documented Turkish involvement in Syrian … Continue reading

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Why is Saudi Arabia still thought a “vital ally” for the US?

"The Saudi royal family has been alarmed by Washington’s move toward a rapprochement with Iran as it seeks an agreement to limit Tehran’s nuclear program. The Saudis were also angered by Obama’s decision to hold back from using military force … Continue reading

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“Secrets about suspected Israeli theft of U.S. weapons-grade nuclear material declassified” IRMEP

"On March 18, 2014 ISCAP, the highest declassification authority in the U.S., released 84 pages (PDF) of formerly secret information about investigations into the illegal diversion of weapons-grade nuclear material from a Pennsylvania plant into the clandestine Israeli nuclear weapons … Continue reading

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Making the unthinkable thinkable

"The ease with which a confrontation between two nuclear powers could escalate to a strategic exchange of MIRVed ballistic missiles carrying 3 to 10 hydrogen bombs each has been glossed over during the ongoing Ukraine Crisis.  Western media has devolved … Continue reading

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Russia – “a regional power?” Jersey Jeffersonian

Playing with fire, the vainglorious ass, Obama, has derided Russia by calling it merely a "regional powerWell, maybe, but it's a mighty damn big "region" and a well-armed "regional power" that has had a belly full of being pushed into … Continue reading

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Of “States,” “Nations,” “Nation-States,” and “Ecumenical Empires.”

IMO a nation-state exists when an ethnic people bound together by language, tradition and history exist almost exclusively within the borders of a particular state (country) that is governed by s coherent system of law. Japan is a nation-state. Korea … Continue reading

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“Russian politician proposes new divisions of Ukraine” Reuters

"In a letter sent to the governments of Poland, Romania and Hungary, Vladimir Zhirinovsky also suggested those countries hold referendums on incorporating the regions into their territory. Zhirinovsky, whose nationalist Liberal Democratic party largely backs President Vladimir Putin in the … Continue reading

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