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Falcon Launch

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“Boris Johnson slaps down British Army chief as he defends cuts to troop numbers”

“General Sir Patrick Sanders, the Chief of the General Staff, said it would be “perverse” to cut troops by almost 10,000 at a time when Russia had boots on the ground in Eastern Europe. On Tuesday, he argued that it … Continue reading

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“… Putin’s Inner Circle Could Kill Him.”

“… three people close to Putin pose potential threats to him: the Kremlin security council chief, Nikolai Patrushev; Federal Security Service head Alexander Bortnikov; and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.  “Nobody’s gonna ask, ‘Hey Vladimir, would you like to leave?’ No. … Continue reading

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” …Biden’s successful six-month bid to expand NATO”

“Their decision to move away from neutrality, and the tradition of neutrality, to join the NATO alliance is going to make us stronger and more secure, and NATO stronger,” Biden said at the start of the NATO summit in Madrid … Continue reading

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Webb ready to open its eyes …

“One of the James Webb Space Telescope’s four primary scientific instruments, known as NIRISS, has concluded its postlaunch preparations and is now ready for science. NIRISS, which stands for Near-Infrared Imager and Slitless Spectrograph instrument, provides observing modes for slitless spectroscopy, high-contrast … Continue reading

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Scheduled stand-down for

On the 4th of July the offshore hosting company that carries Turcopolier will conduct a migration of the server that we use. This will last about 8 hours. Will remind on 3 July. pl

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” … Biden Spoke With Hunter About Chinese Dealings”

“A new report revealed Joe Biden did, in fact, discuss with his son Hunter his business dealings in China, despite him denying doing so in the past. A voicemail from Joe Biden found in Hunter Biden’s inbox and released by … Continue reading

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“Jan. 6 committee announces surprise hearing for Tuesday on new evidence”

“Vice Chair Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., has said that the committee’s final two public hearings will focus on how Trump illegally directed his supporters toward the Capitol, then failed to take quick action to quell the attack once it began. The … Continue reading

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“…How the Abortion Ruling Will Affect Each State.”

“Friday’s landmark ruling effectively returns all abortion-related matters to the states.  Some states will likely enact legislation to ban or severely abortion immediately, or in relatively short time. Conversely, other states might challenge the basis of the Supreme Court’s formal … Continue reading

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“Telespazio to play key role in satellite servicing market”

“Telespazio intends to play a key role in the future in-orbit servicing market, providing customers seeking satellite relocation, refueling, repair or removal with the necessary space and ground-based capabilities. “There is an industrial role that Telespazio can definitely play on … Continue reading

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