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Meghan to the Rescue

According to the commander guy, this lady is going back to Iraq to help the Iraqis meet benchmarks. OK.  I know her slightly.  She could encourage a lot of people to meet benchmarks. In fact, she was one of the … Continue reading

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Succesful Talks in Baghdad

"The United States ambassador in Baghdad said he and his Iranian counterpart agreed broadly on policy toward Iraq during four-hour groundbreaking talks on Monday, but insisted that Iran end its support for militants. During a meeting that U.S. Ambassador Ryan … Continue reading

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“General Abrams’s Army”

Herein find the Weekly "Policy Monitor" of Medley Global Advisors.  I have an essay on the back page.  The picture at left is of General Abrams.  pl Download 20070525_policy_monitor_final.pdf

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The Welch Club

I recommend that you all read the article on the "Welch Club" posted on the "Friday Lunch Club."  pl

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Rifleman Tullbahadur Pun VC, 6th Gurkha Rifles, Indian Army.

Col. Lang, This is off completely off topic but is about a military matter of exceedingly great concern to those of us who serve, or have served the Queen. A 90 year old Nepalese Gurkha, who won the Victoria Cross … Continue reading

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Civil War in Bushistan

There is a race currently underway between different flanks of the administration to determine the future course of US-Iran policy. On one flank are the diplomats, and on the other is Vice President Cheney’s team and acolytes — who populate … Continue reading

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Evidence of Disintegration?

Yesterday, we posted the Ignatius column announcing an impending change of strategy in Iraq.  You can find it below under "Two interesting articles." Today on the front page of the Post (same newspaper) we find this article by Tyson which … Continue reading

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Short Rations in Iraq

As you can see from the document below dated 21 May, 2007, the command/embassy in Iraq is presently in some difficulty with regard to hot meals.  Because of delays in the delivery overland of rations the mess system is short … Continue reading

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Two interesting stories..

This one is one of the more obvious propaganda efforts by the Cheney/Luti/Abrams/Addison wing of the Bush Administration to plant stories in the press that seek to demonize Iran enough to make war with that country seem desirable.  According to … Continue reading

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Can we take 24/7 news seriously?

That’s an M-48 tank out on a firing range.  The Lebanese Army has these.  This is an old tank from before the Vietnam period, but, how new do tanks have to be when used for shelling refugee camps full of … Continue reading

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