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In Passing…….

This is inscribed in the floor of the old Duomo in the walled town of Erice, that looks down from about two thousand five hundred feet over Trapani, Sicily. The inscription tells us that Fredrick II, King of Sicily, Germany, … Continue reading

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“Supreme Court strikes down affirmative action in college admissions”

The Supreme Court ruled that race-conscious admissions processes are unconstitutional in a pair of cases involving Harvard University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Here’s what we’re following: Comment: This is clearly the big news story … Continue reading

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Drums along the Dnipro

Ongoing clashes have been reported after Ukrainian landing party crossed the Dnipro River by the Antonovsky Bridge in Kherson. The bridge was destroyed during Russian withdrawals from Kherson city in Fall 2022 during Ukrainian counter offensive operations, making the only … Continue reading

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Open Thread

I know some of you are dying to get some things off your chests. Have at it.

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“Our country will never be the same again”

Our country will never be the same again. The convoy of Wagnerites was not moving on the asphalt – it moved through the hearts of people, cutting society in half. We prayed to God that the enemy would not take … Continue reading

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Since 12 June this website was just flat gone. Neither the URL, nor the associated IP address were reachable. All my efforts timed out. I hoped it would be a temporary ISP technical hiccup or just another DDOS attack. Both … Continue reading

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In my local newspaper

Veteran awarded Quilt of Valor for place in Marine Corps lore by Cathy Dyson – The Free Lance-Star As thrilled as he was to be awarded a Quilt of Valor, Rick Spooner didn’t feel entitled to any honors, believing his … Continue reading

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“The shit’s on, good buddy!”*

The DOJ just unsealed the indictment. There are 38 counts, mostly willful retention of NDI with many of the documents described. His lawyers just resigned. I’m sure Willmann will have more to say in the coming days. TTG *My … Continue reading

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Trump’s lawyers met with the Department of Justice, but the political prosecution of him will continue

By Robert Willmann On Monday, 5 June 2023, lawyers for former president and current candidate Donald Trump went to the main building of the Department of Justice in Washington DC to meet with the special counsel John L. “Jack” Smith … Continue reading

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“This Small-Brained Human Species May Have Buried Its Dead, Controlled Fire and Made Art”

Extraordinary claims about the small-brained human relative Homo naledi challenge prevailing view of cognitive evolution In the millions of years over which humans have been evolving, brain size has tripled, and behavior has become exponentially more elaborate. Early, small-brained hominins (members of … Continue reading

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