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The Sanford Affair

The man has a mistress with whom he is in love.  From the point of view of his wife this is much worse than Clintonesque prowling, much worse.   Actually, recovery from this ailment is unlikely.  All of them are suffering.  … Continue reading

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“Judicious investment” in oil

"Downgrading the forecast, IEA said the oil demand would rise 0.6% or 540,000 barrels per day on average during 2008-2014. In its latest Medium-Term Oil Market Report, the Paris based agency said the oil demand would rise to 89 million … Continue reading

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An Immodest Proposal – Mexamerica

Some time ago I posted something called "An Un-Muddled but Perhaps Addled Stand" on the subject of US relations with Mexico.  In that piece I advocated separation of the issues of citizenship, ownership and residence in the relationships of the two … Continue reading

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Al-Maliki is celebrating victory over the American invader.

"A great deal of Mr. Maliki’s political support rests on the fact that violence has declined since the carnage of 2006 and 2007, that he has rebuilt the security forces, that he has presided over the beginning of the end … Continue reading

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Why all the bombings in Iraq?

"Thousands of U.S. combat troops will remain at a handful of bases in Baghdad and on the outskirts of other restive cities, such as Mosul and Kirkuk, in northern Iraq, past the June 30 deadline. But U.S. troops say their … Continue reading

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Judge Leon’s decision in the al-Janko case.

I was so fortunate as to be asked to give my opinion to the court in this matter.  Judge Richard Leon of the DC District Court and the good people of the Oregon Federal Public  Defenders office have returned honor … Continue reading

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Khamenei is still likely to go away…

He, and the clique of IRGC, Baseej and his allies among the scholars await the judgment of the Iranian people.  This judgment wil be delivered in the fullness of time as sentiments, and alliances mature and become the governing factors. The knowledgable … Continue reading

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Khamenei is likely to go away.

My view of the Iran situation is that the particular 'ulema/pasdaran/basiij clique now governing Iran is digging a grave for itself with each passing day of unwillingness to compromise, share power or respect the collective right of the Iranians to express … Continue reading

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“Game changer” in Iran

The paradigm that I have been thinking within regarding the future of Iranian-US-Israeli relations is no longer valid. You could see that today in the appearance of Bibi Natanyahu on "Meet the Press."  When pressed by David Gregory concerning Iran, … Continue reading

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What would the Iranian Army do?

The fuss is probably largely over until next time.  What it would come down to in an all out confrontation is whether or not the regular armed forces of Iran would carry out orders to kill their countrymen or allow … Continue reading

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