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The limits of power

"Obama –whose rise to the presidency was built partially around his opposition to the Iraq War – is definitely cognizant of Americans’ aversion to too much intervention abroad. As recently as Tuesday, he defended his foreign policy strategy — with … Continue reading

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Latest Washington Post poll – 29 April 2014

I am inclined to think polls such as this are suspect because people who are willing to participate are probably not representative of the accomplished.  pl

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Kerry said that Israel may become an apartheid state?

"US Secretary of State John Kerry told a group of senior international officials that Israel risks becoming an "apartheid" state if it does not make peace soon, a US news website reported. Kerry made the remarks at a closed-door meeting … Continue reading

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Open Thread – 27 April, 2014

A photograph of a Catholic school in Aleppo, Syria in Ottoman times.   This was the College of the Holy Land in Aleppo. That is St. Anthony's statue in the center. The Ottoman sultan/caliph was a financial supporter of the … Continue reading

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“Stopping Russia Starts in Syria” Anne-Marie Slaughter

"The US, together with as many countries as will cooperate, could use force to eliminate Syria’s fixed-wing aircraft as a first step toward enforcing Resolution 2139. “Aerial bombardment” would still likely continue via helicopter, but such a strike would announce … Continue reading

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“Four Ways The Ukraine Crisis Could Escalate To Use Of Nuclear Weapons” Loren Thompson

"In 1983, the ABC television network broadcast a movie called The Day After about how a superpower nuclear exchange devastated the lives of typical Americans in two midwestern cities. The conflict began with a Russian troop buildup in Eastern Europe … Continue reading

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We still are "typaded."  I have just sent them a service ticket over the disabled comments feature.  pl

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A quick note:  Russian Radio is claiming that the Russian Su-24 planes that buzzed the USS Donald Cook in the Black Sea on April 12 were able to jam the Aegis system and that this caused a quiet panic in … Continue reading

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“The Emperor has no clothes!” by FB Ali

The recent (April 17) meeting in Geneva on Ukraine was a game-changing event. Yet this significant aspect of it has not been explicitly recognized in any analysis or commentary on the situation; at least none that I've come across. It … Continue reading

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“What we left behind” Filkins

"The resurgence of Iraq’s Shiites is the greatest legacy of the American invasion, which overthrew Sunni rule and replaced it with a government led by Shiites—the first since the eighteenth century. Eight years after Maliki took power, Iraqis are sorting … Continue reading

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