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“Proof Against the Absurd” 

Aside from the obvious benefits the chance to see wildflowers and pileated woodpeckers, the exercise, the insights into the workings of nature – what do I get out of all this? Part of the answer is that regular contact with … Continue reading

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The Sevastopol drone attack

Shortly before dawn, an attack on the Russian oil refinery and fuel storage field at Sevastopol in Crimea resulted in an enormous fire that sent a column of thick, black smoke above the nearby city. Russian sources claim that the fire … Continue reading

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Will Tucker Carlson run for president?

The most irresponsible thing you can do these days is look away from the worst-case scenario.” So says Rick Wilson. In the week Fox News fired Tucker Carlson, Wilson’s worst-case scenario is this: a successful Carlson campaign for the Republican … Continue reading

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A short biography of Saint Pierre Favre S.J.

This was written by one of our fellow correspondents from France going by the  pen name of D74. His intent was to gift this to Colonel Lang. He finished the piece with difficulty after learning of the Colonel’s passing. Rest … Continue reading

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What’s next for Starship and Super Heavy booster?

Musk didn’t wait long to bounce back. He has thus just announced that SpaceX will attempt a new Starship orbital flight in two months at the latest, which means no later than the third week of June. He made the … Continue reading

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Open Thread – 24 April 2023

I know there’s a lot of things on your minds. Go for it. TTG

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How big will the counteroffensive be?

I compared my list of known Ukrainian combat brigades with a list of Ukrainian brigades currently at the front. Result: Ukraine has 30x combat brigades, 6x artillery, 5x territorial defense (TDF), and 4x national guard (NG) brigades in the rear … Continue reading

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“Syria’s Kurds make their own pitch as Arab states court Assad”

Syrian Kurds, whom Bashar al-Assad once labeled “traitors” and “collaborators,” now seek a new peace with the Syrian government. As Arab governments and Turkey seek to mend fences with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, the country’s Kurds have unveiled a new … Continue reading

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“On Assignment with Richard Engel: Ukraine’s Secret Resistance”

Comment: This is a great report on two resistance cells in occupied Kherson. It’s not clear how closely these two cells worked with Ukrainian Intelligence or Special Operations units. It appears that any official control or guidance was loose at … Continue reading

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The rot runs deep

The Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) appears to be conducting a large-scale overhaul of domestic security organs. Russian state-controlled outlet TASS reported on April 19 that the FSB and the Main Directorate of the Security Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) … Continue reading

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