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“Ukraine update: The noose tightens on Lyman” – TTG

For this phase of the offensive, Svatove is the prize. Ukraine is putting pressure on both the north and southern approaches to the town, which is why Russia is throwing everything it can at both Lyman and the Ukrainian bridgehead east of Kupiansk. … Continue reading

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“Russians Paying Nearly $25K for Plane Tickets to Flee Putin’s Draft”

“Russians are paying exorbitant prices for airplane tickets to escape the country following President Vladimir Putin’s partial mobilization of reservists. Wealthy Russians are paying around $25,000 for a seat on a private plane, and as much as $135,000 to rent … Continue reading

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Russian “mobilization” will fail.

“This campaign assessment special edition focuses on Russian military mobilization efforts. Significant inflections ISW would normally cover in its regular sections will be summarized briefly today and addressed in more detail tomorrow. Russian President Vladimir Putin is unlikely to overcome … Continue reading

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Political decisions on the battlefield are a certain path to defeat

“President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia has thrust himself more directly into strategic planning for the war in Ukraine in recent weeks, American officials said, including rejecting requests from his commanders on the ground that they be allowed to retreat … Continue reading

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Starlink group 4 – 35

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NROL-91 launch

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 “… Biden sends secret nuclear strike warning to Putin.”

“The US has been sending secret messages to Russia to warn that it will face grave consequences if it conducts a nuclear strike in Ukraine.  Deliberately vague, the memos are designed to keep the Kremlin guessing over how Joe Biden, the … Continue reading

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Putin now threatens nuclear war over “Russian” Donbas. Tucker Carlson and MacGregor appear to support his play.

“This week marks the seven-month anniversary of the beginning of the war in Ukraine, something that is still going on and isn’t talked about quite as much anymore. The day that war began, which was February 24, two things were very … Continue reading

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Russians are now fleeing the country.

“Vladimir Putin has secretly approved a law that will send a further one million men to fight in Ukraine, a Russian newspaper reported on Thursday. “If true, the target is more than three times higher than the 300,000 number that … Continue reading

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“Ukraine returns 215 POWs, including Azovstal defenders, from Russian captivity” – TTG

Russia released 215 prisoners of war, 205 Ukrainians and 10 foreigners, in a prisoner swap on Sept. 21, according to Andriy Yermak, the head of the President’s Office. The released POWs include 108 members of the National Guard’s Azov regiment, … Continue reading

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