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The Real Star of the Debates

"Marianne Williamson warned her fellow 2020 Democratic presidential candidates to stop focusing on the details of policies and put more effort into defeating the “dark psychic force” that is President Trump. “This is part of the dark underbelly of American … Continue reading

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“Antifa” (US) is a domestic subversive and terrorist movement, but there is no present way to outlaw them..

"The principal feature of antifa groups is their use of direct action,[12] with conflicts occurring both online and in real life.[13] They engage in varied protest tactics, which include digital activism, property damage, physical violence, and harassment against those whom … Continue reading

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“China-Russia air patrol shows Japan and South Korea in disarray” Frank Ching

"China and Russia conducted their first-ever joint air patrol last week by sending bombers along the South Korean coast, intruding into its air defense identification zone as well as that of Japan, with Seoul charging that a Russian warplane had … Continue reading

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Who knew that eating garlic was haram, or maybe just discouraged in Islam? Not me.

"A shooting at the Garlic Festival in Gilroy, California injured 15 people and killed 3 more, bringing a horrific end to the popular annual event attended by thousands. A 6-year-old boy was one among those killed, his father said. “My … Continue reading

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Should Washington’s memory not be expunged? (irony)

There is a public high school (secondary school) in San Francisco that is named for George Washington.  A stairway therein features  a large and IMO rather poorly painted mural executed by a Soviet Communist artist during the WPA period of … Continue reading

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Understanding the Roots of the Obama Coup Against Trump by Larry C Johnson

The full details of the plot to take out Donald Trump remain to be revealed. But there should now be no doubt that this effort was not the work of a few rogue intelligence and law enforcement officials acting on … Continue reading

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Open Thread 26 July 2019


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RUSSIAN FEDERATION SITREP 25 JULY 2019 by Patrick Armstrong

STALIN. The Presidential Council on Civil Society and Human Rights condemns efforts to erect statues to Stalin: "civil servants of all levels should be clearly aware of the inadmissibility of the use of state or municipal land and buildings for … Continue reading

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“much more water on the moon than thought ”

"Back in 2009, as part of the LCROSS mission, researchers allowed an empty stage of the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) launch vehicle to crash into the floor of a crater close to the moon's south pole. Testing of the debris … Continue reading

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Surely Puerto Rico, pearl of the Carribean should be free!

Puerto Rico's acquisition by the US in the aftermath of the Spanish-American War was a trivial incident in an era of ill considered American imperialism.  Read Tuchman's "The Proud Tower" to inform yourself on that.  The island is of no … Continue reading

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