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Venezuela – Bay of Pigs Redux?

In the Spring of 1961 a lightly armed group of Cuban exiles invaded the south coast of Cuba.  They had little air support and were dwarfed in number by the armed forces of revolutionary Cuba which when brought to bear … Continue reading

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Fake News Media Suffers Body Blow on Case Linked to Seth Rich by Larry Johnson

A big, old, giant Sequoia has been knocked down in the mainstream media forest of lies and none of the fake news media are commenting on this development. Ok. Got your attention? I am referring to a defamation case that … Continue reading

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Biden? Grandpa should not be president.

The received wisdom about Joe is that he is the ultimate nice man.  From personal experience with him I do not think so. At his request I took an Arab client to see Biden in his offices in the senate … Continue reading

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Open Thread 26 April 2019


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Analysis is not advocacy. The Lebanese should understand that truth.

(This is ONE B-52 plane load) "Analysis is not advocacy." How many times have I written that on SST? Unless you want to live in fantasy you must have the ability to think outside the box created by what you … Continue reading

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The Collapse of Deterrence with Iran by Christopher J. Bolan

Earlier this month, the U.S. administration announced its decision to designate Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO).  Just this week, the Trump administration said that it will no longer exempt any country from U.S. … Continue reading

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Random Tuesday thoughts- 23 april 2019

Marcus, my avatar and muse seems in good voice today.  This reminds me of the scene in "Tears of the Sun" in which the column passes under a jungle tree limb on which sits a magnificent male mandrill.  I have … Continue reading

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The theme song of the New Democratic Party Be happy!  pl

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RSS feed

I received a query from a correspondent about problems with the RSS feed from SST.  I contacted Typepad and got the following response: "Thank you for reaching out to us. I would be happy to help. First, we want to … Continue reading

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Levin on Mueller

"“There’s no collusion, says the Special Counsel. That takes one sentence. It doesn’t take 200 damn pages. It doesn’t take $35 million dollars,” Levin said, referring to Vol. 2 of the report. Despite the Democrats warning of a "Saturday Night … Continue reading

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