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Is NSA Screwing the Pooch? – TTG

The NSA used to target only foreign signals, and according to its own legal interpretations, that's what it still does. But communications are now global: the Internet is so interconnected that everything and everyone on the network becomes a potential target, even the … Continue reading

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Afghan CT operations will be impossible after 2014.

" … observers say Karzai’s growing demands concerning U.S. military behavior could soon force commanders to reconsider their post-2014 mission. As part of the security agreement, which allows for a total of 15,000 foreign troops to remain in Afghanistan, the … Continue reading

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The Intelligence of JFK by Richard Sale

  I was not attempting to be cruel in talking of the seamy side of Camelot.  I was trying to address a certain nostalgic myopia, a mood of acquiescent credulity that could be heard and seen everywhere on the anniversary … Continue reading

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“Hollywood Producer/Spy Arnon Milchan Played A Key Role In Israel’s Nuke Program” Business Insider

"Israel's secretive LAKAM economic espionage unit, which was tasked with securing technology for Israel’s secret nuclear weapons program, recruited Milchan in the 1960s. At one point, the 69-year-old told Channel 2, he operated 30 companies in 17 different countries. (Milcharn … Continue reading

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Arnon Milchan was an Israeli spy in the US.

"A big-shot Hollywood producer who for decades was working as an Israeli spy and arms dealer has defended his actions and said it was 'exciting' being his country's 'James Bond.' Arnon Milchan, 68, who's famous for smash hit movies including … Continue reading

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Iran, Israel, Afghanistan, the ACA, Natanyahu – Obama Agonistes

– Israel is sending a team over to "help" us with the Iran negotiations.  The servants of Israel in the Congress are trying to torpedo the second phase talks by moving the goal posts so far that they are out … Continue reading

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Reflections on JFK By Richard Sale

The day of national grief, marking the murder of President John Kennedy turned out to be a day of bathetic sentimentality, a day of homage to what really did not exist. President Kennedy’s assassination was a horrible event.  To have … Continue reading

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“A military strike”

One of the amusing and contemptibly ignorant things being said in the media today is the use of the phrase above.  Once again, this kind of expressed ignorance fosters the impression that a crippling attack on what may or may … Continue reading

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Turkey’s Growing Isolation

"Fadi Hakura from the London think-tank Chatham House told CNN that Saturday's events were "a vivid illustration of Turkey's growing isolation in the Middle East." "There's a perception gaining ground in the region that the Turkish government is allied to … Continue reading

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Munich Appeasement and Iran By Richard Sale

Once again and again and even again, the term “Munich appeasement” is being used by people who should know better, using the phrase as a vulgar tool to attack any American effort to achieve an agreement with Iran on its … Continue reading

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