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Transcript- The Situation Room, 28 February, 2007

"Now, with two U.S. aircraft carrier battle groups in the region, is there a growing chance the United States could find itself at war with Iran? Joining us now, retired U.S. Army Colonel Pat Lang, former chief of Middle East … Continue reading

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More on the Tabouleh Line Revisited

"Yes Okinawa:‘3. Lethality in Motion: Tactics’ Is particularly interesting."  Ali ———————————————————— We have this note from Ali.  I mentioned Okinawa because a retired marine friend had suggested it to me as an analogous engagement.  After reading the Leavenworth Paper cited … Continue reading

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The Tabouleh Line Revisited?

Last Autumn I forecast that the successful linear defense of position conducted by Hizbullah (HB) forces in southern Lebanon would lead to a determination on the part of the Shia group to renew the contest with Israel using similar tactics … Continue reading

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Schmidt on Blame

"PL: "Now, I know that the "economic determinist" crowd will work out some way to find that American financial or resource interests are to blame for this attitude in Washington." Maybe.  But a quick search of the web shows that … Continue reading

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TNI On-Line Interview 8 February, 2007

I forgot that I had given this inerview to "The National Interest" on the 8th of February.  pl

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Time for “Encouragement”

""A bedrock principle of our military system is that we empower commanders with the responsibility, authority and resources necessary to carry out their mission," Gates said. "With responsibility comes accountability." His comment suggested that senior officials in the Army chain … Continue reading

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“Don’t Even Think About It.” Rice

"When Israeli officials asked Secretary Rice about the possibility of exploring the seriousness of Syria in its calls for peace talks, her response was unequivocal: Don’t even think about it. Israeli officials, including those in the intelligence community, are divided … Continue reading

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A Phased UK Withdrawal

Wayne White is retired senior officer of the State Department Bureau of Intelligence and Research.  He has given me permission to post this.  pl ————————————————————————- A point seemingly missed in much early coverage of the UK withdrawal from the south … Continue reading

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Bureaucracy’s Cost

Walter Reed Army Medical Center (WRAMC) is not a Veteran’s Administration Hospital (VA).  It is a facility of the full time Army which is used to treat a varied population of patients;  active service members, retired service people and military … Continue reading

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“More on Ideological Blinkers” Dr. Louis Cantori

Professor Louis Cantori has givn me permission to post the following comment on the site for the purpose of extending the discussion that has followed the appearance of my recent piece in "Foreign Policy" (on line).  Professor Cantori’s remarks clarify … Continue reading

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