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What does “humanitarian crisis” mean for the Democrats?”

The Democrats in the US Congress claim they support "Border Security."  Apparently they believe that the public will accept the idea that they support the US government's right to limit immigration however it chooses to do so.  Their unwillingness to … Continue reading

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On March 25, a group of fringe neocons and alt-rightists surfaced in Washington to declare propaganda war against China.  The group, led by Steve Bannon, Frank Gaffney, Fred Fleitz, General Jerry Boykin and a handful of others, announced the formation … Continue reading

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A few thoughts

1.  My gums have healed nicely.  I had NY Strip steak and eggs with grits for breakfast this day at Bob and Edith's Diner.  That was about $15.  A good day.The temperature in the back yard is around 80 degrees … Continue reading

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Interview transcripts from Congress on Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, G. Papadopoulos, and B. and N. Ohr

By Robert Willmann Courtesy of U.S. Representative Doug Collins (Repub. Georgia), transcripts have been released of committee interviews of five people about the attempt to de-legitimize the election and inauguration of an elected president, and to create conditions for his … Continue reading

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Open Thread 29 March 2019


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RUSSIAN FEDERATION SITREP 28 MARCH 2019 (by Patrick Armstrong)

MUELLER. One half of the lie has been exploded with the finding that no one connected with Trump colluded with any Russians. The other half of the lie – created by the same people for the same reasons – lives … Continue reading

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Saved by Zero. A review by Fred

How dare they! How dare they. Yes, how dare they vote on the bill written by veteran United States Senator Bill Markey of Massachusetts, which is word-for-word identical to the one written by the Boss of the House. The Green … Continue reading

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The Monroe Doctrine Revisited – TTG

WASHINGTON, March 26 (Reuters) – A Russian military contingent that arrived in Venezuela over the weekend, drawing U.S. condemnation, is believed by the U.S. government to be made up of special forces including "cybersecurity personnel," a U.S. official told Reuters … Continue reading

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Time for Clapper to Go Under Oath by Larry Johnson

Here is the bottomline up front–When the tale of the plot to destroy Donald Trump's candidacy and Presidency is told, Jim Clapper will be proven as a key player in the conspiracy. Clapper was not a passive observer. I am … Continue reading

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The GOP will be “the party of health care?”

"“Secretary Azar fully supports the Administration’s litigation position in the ACA case, which bears his name,” HHS spokeswoman Caitlin Oakley said in a statement. “Any insinuation that Secretary Azar has ‘butted heads’ with Mulvaney on this issue is false.” Barr … Continue reading

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