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The Pollard Damage Assessment Report

"The Jonathan Pollard Spy Case: The CIA's 1987 Damage Assessment Declassified New Details on What Secrets Israel Asked Pollard to Steal CIA Withholding Overturned on Appeal by National Security Archive National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 407 Posted – … Continue reading

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“Black” woman professor mocks Romney’s family

"The cable news host and guests made the comments on her Sunday programme about the Romney family Christmas photo. The photo shows infant Kieran Romney with his grandparents and their 21 other grandchildren, all of them white. "As black child … Continue reading

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Saudi Arabia grants Lebanese Army $3 billion – Daily Star

"Saudi Arabia has granted the Lebanese Army $3 billion in military equipment to be bought from France, President Michel Sleiman said Sunday. "The kingdom has decided, following ongoing contacts, to offer exceptional and admirable support to the Lebanese Army of … Continue reading

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Comments on the NYT Benghazi Piece.

It is discouraging to hear media people marvel that there apparently was no AQ connection to the Benghazi attacks.  It has always been true that Sunni jihadism is a movement rather than a group.  Get it?  pl pl

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New NIE forecasts Afghan Debacle

"A new American intelligence assessment on the Afghan war predicts that the gains the United States and its allies have made during the past three years are likely to have been significantly eroded by 2017, even if Washington leaves behind … Continue reading

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Open Thread – 28 December 2013

Slow news day today.  pl

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After more than a decade of charmed life, Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Erdogan is facing a series of potentially devastating corruption scandals that could bring his political career to an end.  On Dec. 17, Istanbul police conducted a series of … Continue reading

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Muslim Brotherhood named as terrorist group

"Egypt increased pressure on the Muslim Brotherhood on Thursday, detaining at least 38 of its supporters on suspicion of belonging to a terrorist organization the day after it was declared one by the government, security officials said. General Abdel Fattah … Continue reading

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Stanley Fischer will be #2 at the Fed?

The sudden, rushed campaign to insert Stanley Fischer straight from his post leading Israel's central bank into the number two spot at the Federal Reserve has allowed little time for research into the appointee's controversial achievements or for informed public … Continue reading

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“There’s no bigotry in the boycott” By Henry Siegman

The American Studies Association has come under withering criticism for having singled out the State of Israel for a boycott of its universities because of their government’s human rights violations against Palestinians in the West Bank. The critics charge that … Continue reading

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