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National Journal – 30 November 2009

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Walking the tightrope in Iran

""We have options ranging from complete and full cooperation to leaving the Non-Proliferation Treaty on our table," said Kazem Jalali, spokesman for the parliament's national security and foreign policy committee. "But we believe that if the West reforms its path, … Continue reading

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Some things on which to meditate

""Where we have gone, goodness follows," Conway said. "But the fact is that we are not as expansive as we would like to be, and those probable additional number of Marines are going to help us to get there." "  … Continue reading

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“The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.”

 Since we have to wait for  Obama to speak from West Point, thereby closing down all his "off ramps," we might as well be entertained.  Thanks to Russ W. for this.  pl Download TheGoodthebadtheugly

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The Kagan/McChrystal Strategy

"If the Afghan government were fully legitimate, there would be no insurgency. U.S. and international actions must aim to improve the Afghan government's ability to provide basic services such as security and dispute resolution nationwide, building the legitimacy of the … Continue reading

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How “Special” are the Kennedys?

  Last night Christopher Matthews abused his guest, Thomas Tobin, the Catholic Bishop of Providence, Rhode Island in a manner that calls into question Matthews' sanity as well as his claim to being (in his words) a "good Catholic."  It … Continue reading

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The Washington Post should be registered under FARA

"…it is becoming evident that Mr. Erdogan's commitment to democratic principles and Western values is far from complete. As Turkey's prospects of joining the European Union have dimmed, the government's foreign policy has taken a nasty turn: Shrill denunciations of … Continue reading

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Iraq, Afghanistan and the decisions facing Barack Obama

– Al-Qa'ida is regaining strength in Iraq with a new focus on the Maliki government.  This article in today's Post makes it quite clear that this is happening because of the abandonment of the "Sons of Iraq" by the United … Continue reading

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National Journal blog – 21 November 2009 I know it is spelled "origin."  pl

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Gone to New York until Saturday

Conference tomorrow "Counterinsurgency - America's Strategic Burden?"  pl

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