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“I am not deposed…” Yanukovich

"In the absence of a clear statement of Russia’s intent, the perception of its strategy has been shaped by rumors, by strident coverage on state news media and by statements of Russian lawmakers vowing solidarity with Ukraine’s ethnic Russians and … Continue reading

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The US warns Russia? Self delusion at its finest.

"While Russia has pledged not to intervene in Ukraine's domestic affairs, it has issued a flurry of statements voicing concern about the situation of Russian speakers in Ukraine, including in the Crimea. Some Russian officials accuse the West of being … Continue reading

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Everglades Challenge 2014 – TTG

"Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing — absolutely nothing — half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats." Ratty is definitely on to something. To be on the water in any kind of craft can … Continue reading

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Russia holds “maneuvers” in the Western Military District

"In a sign of Moscow's displeasure at the revolution in Kiev, Mr Putin ordered an urgent drill to test troops' combat readiness, a move that could further raise the temperature in the region where supporters and opponents of Ukraine's revolution … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Afghanistan – 17 September, 2013 (Republished 26 Feb 2014)

  There is not a lot in the news these days about the NATO/US commitment to Afghanistan.  There is an approaching self-imposed BHO deadline for a decision on post 2014 US commitment in that distant "nation."  That date is the … Continue reading

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“Ukrainian Nationalism – it’s roots and nature” The Saker

"Nations, like individuals, are born, live and die. In fact, as Shlomo Sands so brilliantly demonstrated in his book The Invention of the Jewish People, nations are really invented, created. In fact, the 20th century has shown us many nations … Continue reading

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The odds are not good over Ukraine

"Mr Medvedev, quoted by Russian news agencies, suggested that Western countries that accepted Ukraine's new authorities were mistaken.  A stand-off continues between those who back the Maidan protests and those opposed.  The capital is finally at peace. But running beneath … Continue reading

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McAuliffe struggles for Medicaid expansion

".. resistance is great among House Republicans. They prefer instead to reimburse hospitals for money that is removed in former Gov. Bob McDonnell’s introduced budget and to increase funding of free clinics and community health centers. House Majority Leader M. … Continue reading

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Defense reform.

"Mr. Hagel will take some first steps to deal with the controversial issue of pay and compensation, as the proposed budget would impose a one-year salary freeze for general and flag officers; basic pay for military personnel would rise by … Continue reading

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“Orange Crush?” What’s next? Moscow?

"What we are risking is a great power confrontation. The various Russian strategic thinkers have already said that NATO bases in Ukraine would be a serious strategic threat to the existence of an independent Russia. So, if Ukraine moves into … Continue reading

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