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FB Ali – Short Resume

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The Iraq Provincial Election

"Polls opened shortly after dawn after a step-by-step security clampdown across the country, including traffic bans in central Baghdad and other major cities and closure of border crossings and airports. Voting ended 11 hours later with no reports of major … Continue reading

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“Is The Two State Solution Dead?” pl

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Obama’s Vietnam Plus? – FB Ali

We are fortunate to have received this short essay by Brigadier FB Ali on the subject of the kind of strategy that the US should adopt in Afghanistan. I particularly share the author's conviction that the insurrection in Afhganistan is … Continue reading

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Gaza Atrocities

With regret I note the following story sent me by McClatchy News.  pl

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Let’s take a good look at Iran

"CIA Director-designate Leon Panetta should consider a bipartisan review of intelligence collection concerning Tehran. Since the Obama administration is reviewing policy options toward the Islamic republic, it would seem sensible to know what Langley's actions have produced. Policy built on … Continue reading

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Dennis Ross and the “Jewish People Policy Planning Institute”

"A think tank founded recently by The Jewish Agency. The Jewish People Policy Planning Institute was established in 2002 by the Jewish Agency for Israel to be an independent professional policy planning think tank entrusted with the mission of promoting … Continue reading

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Free the Uighurs

  "Dear Pat   Today counsel to the Uighur prisoners at Guantanamo Bay made the attached request of the Obama administration that it launch the President's program to close Guantanamo by immediate release of our clients, who have been cleared … Continue reading

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A desert called “peace” I think the graffiti on the  walls of ruined houses in jihar al-dik is particularly interesting.  pl

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“The Lies of War” Henry Siegman

Henry Siegman is a friend.  His family fled from Europe to America.  He is a rabbi.  He was a chaplain in the US Army during and in the Korean War.  He was a "freedom rider" in Mississippi in the 1960s.  … Continue reading

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