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Drone attack at Pskov

I was planning on posting something about this latest drone attack today after the hysterics and wild-assed rumors subsided a bit. The gist of a lot of the early commentary was that this attack had to come from Estonia and … Continue reading

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Is a sheep taken in withernam irrepleviable? By Walrus

Is a sheep taken in withernam irrepleviable? This is the obscure ancient English law question posed by Sir Thomas More in 1520 to confound a legal braggart in the court of Henry VIII. The braggart didn’t know the answer. ChatGPT, … Continue reading

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Tatarigami and Telenko on battlefield drones

This is a short Twitter thread from @Tatarigami_UA, a Ukrainian reserve military officer. I came across an article today in The Washington Post that discusses the counter-offensive. I usually refrain from criticizing leaks, recognizing the importance of journalistic work. Nevertheless, … Continue reading

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Idle Hour

By W. Patrick Lang Comment: I thought of this story yesterday while I was waiting for my lobster role order. Whenever the Cousins Maine Lobster food truck comes to our area I pick up a couple for SWMBO and myself. … Continue reading

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A wall of BRICS

Johannesburg, South Africa – The BRICS bloc of top emerging economies have taken a major step in expanding its reach and influence with the announcement that six more nations have been invited join as new members. Argentina, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, … Continue reading

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The Baltic Way, sometimes also called the Baltic Chain, was a peaceful political demonstration on 23 August 1989. In fact, it was one of the largest political demonstrations in European history. About two million people joined hands to form a … Continue reading

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China hoped Fiji would be a template for the Pacific. Its plan backfired.

By Michael E. Miller and Matthew Abbott, for the Washington Post SUVA, Fiji — When four Chinese detectives breezed into police headquarters here in the middle of 2017, it quickly became apparent they weren’t in Fiji’s capital merely to help with an inquiry. … Continue reading

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With the Russia invasion of Ukraine entering its nineteenth month with no end in sight, with tensions around the Strait of Taiwan escalating, and with the U.S. entering a turbulent season of presidential electoral politics, it is a worthwhile moment … Continue reading

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Tu-22 Backfire Destroyed In Drone Strike Deep Inside Russia

Soltsy-2 airbase, which is home to Russian Tu-22M3 Backfire swing-wing bombers, was hit by a drone strike yesterday. Images of black smoking billowing from the base further solidified those reports, but it wasn’t clear what was burning. Now, photos have … Continue reading

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Russia and India Are Racing to Put Landers on the Moon

Robotic spacecraft from both countries are aiming to touch down on the moon’s southern hemisphere, as one’s space program waxes and the other wanes. Move over, USA and China: Humankind is about to witness robotic moon landing attempts by Russia … Continue reading

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