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Happy New Year SSTers!

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“More difficult than anticipated?”

"Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said the current, aerial phase of the operation was just "the first of several" that have been approved, an Olmert spokesman said. But after four days of airstrikes against the symbols of Hamas power, there … Continue reading

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A “Tabouleh Line” in the South?

"According to Israeli officials, Hamas has smuggled 70 tons of high explosives into Gaza since it violently wrested control of the territory from Abbas’ Fatah faction in June. Hamas also has at least 15,000 full-time guerrillas, many of them trained … Continue reading

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“Peace for Ashkalon?”

I know.  They have some other name for this one.  Yes.  The Palestinians are idiots for firing rockets into Israel.  The Israelis want revenge.  I understand that, but this seems a bit excessive. Gaza is a small, very populated place.  … Continue reading

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The Human Terrain System (HTS)

"J" sent me this citation for the official Army Training and Doctrine Command website for the HTS.  As I have written before, this program fills a massive lacuna in Army capability. Today’s US Army produces specialist officers who are generally … Continue reading

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The Syrians are Waiting for Obama

" The Bush administration’s attempt to isolate Syria has failed, even in the judgment of senior White House officials. That leaves Assad in the catbird seat, courted by European and Arab nations and conducting back-channel talks through Turkey with his … Continue reading

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The Bush people should have their day in court.

"…when the President does something, it’s not illegal. From the beginning with Cheney, even more than with Bush, the law was whatever he said it was. He goes out the door as stubborn and defiant and out of touch as … Continue reading

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Was it the “Victor’s Justice?”

"The abuse of detainees in U.S. custody compromised our moral authority and damaged both our ability to attract allies to our side in the fight against terrorism and to win the support of people around the world for that effort. … Continue reading

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Cheap gasoline will mean big cars.

El presidente has decided to give GM and Chrysler money from the TARP.  They have until March to re-structure enough to survive as distinct business entities.  If they can’t do that they have to re-pay the money.  Oh?  With what?  … Continue reading

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Duncan Hunter and the “Lefties”

Christopher Matthews continues his focus on the Bush Administration renewal of a government sanction for torture.  Tonight he had as guests congresspersons Jim Moran (my rep.) and Duncan Hunter (R -Ca).  Matthews summoned them to deal with a bi-partisan congressional … Continue reading

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