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To One and All….

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There will be no UN inquiry over Bhutto.

We have heard three different stories now as to the manner of Benazir Bhutto’s death.  Variously, we have been told that she was killed by one or more bullets (perhaps from the bomber’s hand gun before he blew himself up), … Continue reading

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“What are the odds on Bhutto?” Redux

There were three suicide bombers on foot in the crowd and someone fired several shots that hit the bullet resistant glass where she was supposed to be sitting. Musharraf has been the target of a number of assassination plots but … Continue reading

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Russert vs. Ron Paul

It seems clear that the "pundits in chief" of American television have in mind to "guide" American voters to the election of a candidate who, in their collective "wisdom," is appropriate to the office of president of the United States.  … Continue reading

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“Christmas Ball Blues” Leon Redbone

Courtesy of my sister, Maureen who is a big fan of Redbone.  pl

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A new “strategic partnership agreement”

In January, the United States will also invite the Iraqis to negotiate a new "strategic partnership agreement" to replace the existing U.N. mandate for U.S. troops, starting in 2009. David Satterfield, Rice’s special coordinator for Iraq, will ask Baghdad to … Continue reading

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Don’t Try to Stay in Iraq.

Because of the greatly improved situation in the counterinsurgency war in Iraq there will be a terrible temptation to think that Iraqis have now accepted a long term American military presence in their country.  That would be a mistake.  The … Continue reading

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“Achmed (sic) the Dead Terrorist”

Time for a mood lightener after wandering in the dark forest of post-modern history et al.  pl Download AchmedTheDeadTerroist.wmv

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The Future of South Iraq

"Mowafaq al-Rubaie, Iraq’s national security adviser, said his government was ready and called on Basra’s citizens to work together. "Your unity is essential in rebuilding your city. You have to come together and unify — Sunnis, Shiites, Muslims and non-Muslims … Continue reading

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Israel plans to “correct” the Iran NIE

"In his remarks — Israel’s harshest criticism yet of the U.S. report — Avi Dichter said the assessment also cast doubt on American intelligence in general, including information about Palestinian security forces’ crackdown on militant groups. The Palestinian action is … Continue reading

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