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“Free at last!” Brexit, etc.

Brexit.  This is it!  Freedom for the UK!  It took the Irish 700 years to achieve independence for part of their island, but here it is for the UK in only 47 years.  The Scots may depart, preferring the yoke … Continue reading

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KREMLINOLOGY. I've been at this business for a while and one of the things I've learned is that "Kremlinology" is a waste of time: speculating about who's who and the meaning of personnel appointments is worthless. Why? Because we simply … Continue reading

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FBI Lied to a Federal Court Regarding Seth Rich by Larry C Johnson

Thanks to Judicial Watch, a new batch of emails have surfaced that put the FBI in a whole lot of trouble with at least two Federal Judges. Attorney Ty Clevenger made repeated FOIA requests to the FBI for all emails … Continue reading

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Flash! Trump has solved the Israeli-Palestinian problem. (irony)

Bibi Natanyahu was formally indicted today back home in Israel but he and Sarah were there in the WH to celebrate their victory by joining Trump in making a deal over the heads of the Palestinians. The Palestinians are offered … Continue reading

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Isn’t it interesting?

that since the day Trump was inaugurated there have been continuous and unending propaganda and political warfare themes and memes launched against him in the interest of either outright overthrow or of dirtying him up so much that he cannot … Continue reading

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Operation Idlib Dawn Resumes – TTG

Front lines prior to the start of the offensive During the last few weeks, the SAA redeployed its forces to the eastern side of the Idlib front. This included moving the 4th Armored Division from Jish al Shigour to Aleppo. … Continue reading

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Open Thread – 27 January, 2020


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The ME may yet destroy Trump

President Trump will easily be acquitted in the senate trial.  This may occur this week and there will probably be no witnesses called.  That will be an additional victory for him and will add to the effect of his trade … Continue reading

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An experiment in commenting

I will try turning on the comments for a few days to see how people behave.  pl 

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Judge Collyer should be punished for Page’s misery.

"Judge Collyer did not protect the federal judiciary, she did not protect her own courtroom, she did not protect the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act," Levin said. "For more than 2.5 years, she allowed these perpetrators to get away with what … Continue reading

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