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Iraq’s parties condemn Senate Resolution

"The groups, which represented both Shiites and Sunnis, said the plan would hamper Iraq’s future stability, and they suggested parliament draft a law permanently banning the splitting of Iraq along sectarian or ethnic lines. "This proposal was based on the … Continue reading

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Open Thread #3 (maybe) This is an interesting article on sheikhly attitudes but I can’t think of anything I would want to say about it that I have not said already. I have something else to do. So, go ahead and ventilate over … Continue reading

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Iraq and the US Senate

""The government and its Premier [Nuri al-Maliki] reject this vote," said government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh. "It is the Iraqis who decide these sorts of issues, no one else," Dabbagh said on state-run Al-Iraqiyya television. "The Iraqi Parliament too should express … Continue reading

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Amendment No. 3017 – A step toward war with Iran

"“What do we do with terrorist organizations if they are involved against us?” Mr. Webb asked in a speech on Tuesday. “We attack them.” Even with the two paragraphs deleted, Mr. Webb voted against the resolution. So did a number … Continue reading

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Subject: Medical Alert – Blackwater Fever

The Brits have a way with words, a "touch of the poet?"  The ribbons below represent Harry Flashman’s decorations.  He would have fit right in with Blackwater.  He said that his only skills were "fencing, fornication and foreign languages."  He … Continue reading

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What Ahmadinajad said at Columbia

I listened to it all. His remarks were "bracketed" for me by those of Bollinger (the Columbia president) who sought to distance himself from any possible accusation of hospitality and Nora O’Donnell (MSNBC anchor) who sought to distance herself from … Continue reading

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All mercenaries in Iraq should be subject to UCMJ..

According to US Code, Chapter 10, Section 805, persons in the following categories are subject to US military law. ————————————————————- "(10) In time of war, persons serving with or accompanying an      armed force in the field.(11) Subject to any … Continue reading

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Blackwater and the Iraqis

""The necessary measures will be taken that will preserve the honor of the Iraqi people," he said in New York, where al-Maliki arrived Friday for the U.N. General Assembly session. "We have ongoing high-level meetings with the U.S. side about … Continue reading

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Who runs Iraq, us or “them?”

"Maj. Gen. Abdul-Karim Khalaf said the Moyock, N.C.-based company has been implicated in six other incidents over the past seven months, including a Feb. 7 shooting outside Iraqi state television in Baghdad in which three building guards were fatally shot. … Continue reading

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Hadley blocked access on Syria photos.

"North Korea may be cooperating with Syria on some sort of nuclear facility in Syria, according to new intelligence the United States has gathered over the past six months, sources said. The evidence, said to come primarily from Israel, includes … Continue reading

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