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The Advisor 30 December, 2006

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Sale on Dignity at the End.

"I am so tired of hearing the word "dictator" and Saddam together. It’s on a level with "anal" and then "sex." Yug. Instead of demonizing him, why not first of all mention that he didn’t die a coward. He looks … Continue reading

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1- That Saddam’s execution will be a healing experience for Iraq and that his rule is the cause of the sectarian violence that has torn Iraq apart.  Do the people who believe this know any history at all? 2 – … Continue reading

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“Turning in the Wind..”

I have been asked to open a thread on the hanging of Saddam Hussein.  I don’t feel like it right now, but have  at it.  pl

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TNI.ORG Article

The "National Interest" was kind enough to publish another piece of mine on the subject of a "Concert of the Greater Middle East." PL

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Rather See the Whole Thing…”

"He is now caught between admitting the war was a mistake and his policy has failed, or trying to tough it out," said Joseph Cirincione, a foreign policy analyst at the Center for American Progress, a liberal Washington think tank. … Continue reading

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News From Iraq

Something to ponder the day after Christmas.  pl Download TWII061225.pdf Download the_advisor_23_december_2006.pdf

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Listening to the discussion in the Fox News Sunday panel today it was clear that General John Abizeid is going to be scapegoated for failure and embarrassment in Iraq.  Casey was probably also a candidate for the "honor" but he … Continue reading

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“Israel, Syria and Bush’s Veto”

"Israel’s worst-kept diplomatic secret became public knowledge this week when its prime minister, Ehud Olmert, told his Cabinet that he was against taking up a dramatic new Syrian offer for peace talks — because doing so would undermine President Bush."  … Continue reading

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“A Concert of the Middle East”

Someone asked if I had any thoughts as to what the content should be of the wide ranging negotiations in the ME that I proposed last night in the "Situation Room."  I do.  A while back I wrote the attached … Continue reading

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