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Open Thread #1

At popular request we will hold this thread open for whatever people want to talk about. Pat Lang

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“Joe Lunchbox Went to War”

Alan Farrell walked those ridgelines in Laos.  This is his verse. Download joe_lunchbox_went_to_war.pdf

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Murry on “the days of their lives.”

As the wise old adage has it: "You never get a second chance to make a first impression." As this applies to America’s current military debacle in Iraq (if not Afghanstan, too): "You never get a second, third, and/or fourth … Continue reading

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An Army “On the Cheap”

The neocon and INC run Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) (Bremer) had a peculiar "dream" for the security of the "new Iraq."  They seem to have believed that Iraq in the aftermath of the capture of Baghdad was tabula raza, a … Continue reading

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Talking Heads

Need a Break… Pat Lang Download parrot-bud1.wmv

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“Boobie Precursor Chemicals”

"Boobie Precursor Chemicals" Download boobie_precursor_chemicals.pdf Michael Murry

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Journalist on Journalist

One of the more pathetic spectacles available in today’s media is the propensity of the tribe of broadcast journalists to interview each other about events, systems and areas of expertise of which they have only a limited grasp.  I suppose … Continue reading

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CNN Transcript – 27 October, 2005

BLITZER: Turning now to our security council. Tomorrow the special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald is expected to make an announcement on whether or not there will be indictments in the CIA leak case. But how much damage was actually done to … Continue reading

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The office space question

Pat’s readers seem very upset by my reporting that Fitzgerald was to obtain more office space. Let me try and help. I had read Steve Clemons retraction before I posted my article on Pat Lang’s blog. I had a conversation … Continue reading

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State told Libby of agent’s identity

State Department phone call gave key aide name of CIA officer By Richard Sale, Intelligence Correspondent    A State Department phone call, not Vice President Cheney, revealed to I. Lewis Libby, Cheney’s chief of staff, the identity of the CIA … Continue reading

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