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General George Thomas gravesite rededicated today – TTG

“TROY – A gathering Saturday morning paid tribute to a Union general disowned by his Virginia family during the Civil War and marked the progress to repair surroundings at his Oakwood Cemetery gravesite.” “The Colonel George L. Willard Camp #154, … Continue reading

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Boneless rib eye, high heat, 2 minutes on a side.

I suppose the European pests will harass me for eating meat. pl

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Calhoun vs. Jackson re-dux?

“The Biden administration sued Texas Friday in an effort to block an executive order allowing state troopers to stop vehicles suspected of carrying illegal immigrants on the grounds that they may be spreading COVID-19. The lawsuit follows a letter from Attorney General Merrick Garland … Continue reading

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Ad Astra

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“This dog won’t hunt…”

“Fighting is raging around three major cities in southern and western Afghanistan as Taliban militants seek to seize them from government forces. Taliban fighters have entered parts of Herat, Lashkar Gah and Kandahar. They have made rapid gains in rural … Continue reading

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Arianespace Vol VA254 – Star One D2 / EUTELSAT QUANTUM (FR)

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Yeah, the Dems really love yah. Ask them.

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Saving the Byzantine Pompeii of Thessaloníki

The following article by Alexis Georgoulis from Euronews reviews the dangers to the Late Roman and Early Byzantine (4th~9th Centuries AD) remains that were discovered in construction of the Venizelos metro station at Thessaloniki’s urban center. These are highly extensive … Continue reading

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Save our comrades, and their families, please, please.

“The first group of translators and interpreters who helped US soldiers and diplomats in Afghanistan arrived in the US on Friday, even as thousands more wait in Afghanistan in increasing fear of Taliban reprisals.The first group of approved Afghan applicants for a … Continue reading

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Who? What?

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