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Meditations on 31 January 2010

"It would be easy to think that Matthews is just one Scotch away from becoming Ron Burgundy." That was Jon Stewart a couple of nights ago on the subject of the egregious Christopher Matthews.  This bon mot was called forth … Continue reading

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Governor’s Island is the place to try KSM.

This island in New York Harbor was an army post (Ft. Jay) until 1966 as the administrative headquarters for army activity in the northeastern United States.  The decision to give the island away was yet another manifestation of McNamara's genius. … Continue reading

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McChrystal’s Change of Heart?

What's going on with the good soldier Stanley?  His recent statements to the press indicate that he thinks that his "surge" will bring the hard core Taliban to the negotiating table to decide on a political future for the de … Continue reading

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Giraldi on Israeli spying in the US

"A 1996 Defense Investigative Service report noted that Israel has great success stealing technology by exploiting the numerous co-production projects that it has with the Pentagon. "Placing Israeli nationals in key industries …is a technique utilized with great success." A … Continue reading

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Out of Town

Today and tomorrow.  pa

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Stewart Nozette story in Ha’aretz

"New documents presented in federal court in Washington, D.C. reveal deep ties (more than was known) between Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and Dr. Stewart David Nozette, an American astronomer accused of spying for Israel. The media here covered his arrest … Continue reading

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“Team of Hustlers” – Dr. Michael Brenner

TEAM OF HUSTLERS       The hustler is a special type.  An American original.  He may crave success, fame, money or power.  The real thrill, though, comes from playing the game and winning.  For some hustlers, it’s the game … Continue reading

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Open Thread – 24 January 2010

This seems to be a slow news day.  Let's have an open thread.  pl 

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2006 redux?

""The world had failed in its dealing with Hezbollah, allowing the organization to accumulate more weapons that he had in his possession in 2006," Peled said, referring to the Second Lebanon War, adding that while he agreed the war had … Continue reading

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Habakkuk on Iraq

Adam Silverman,Thanks for that most interesting and helpful clarification of the current state of play in Iraq.This may be a stupid question, but if the 'diasporan movements' don't have 'indigenous support bases' why do the 'indigenous movements' have so little … Continue reading

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