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Mr President! Pompeo wants a US War in Syria!

“This was and remains a bad idea,” said one of the people familiar with the discussions.  Turkey and the U.S. have a history when it comes to the Patriot. Over Washington's objections, Ankara last year received an advanced Russian S-400 … Continue reading

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Idlib Dawn Update “Send lawyers, guns and money” – TTG

Everybody's restless and they've got no place to go Someone's always trying to tell themSomething they already knowSo their anger and resentment flow But don't it make you want to rock and rollAll night longMohammed's RadioI heard somebody singing sweet … Continue reading

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Our friend Brigadier FB Ali is 91 years old.. Mabrouk!

Greetings from the 'nineties'! Having just crossed my 91st birthday, I thought you may like to know what it feels like to have lived that long. The short answer is: incredibly lucky! All my life I've been inclined to put … Continue reading

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Bernie Sanders Appears to Be Fading, Not Surging by Larry C Johnson–UPDATE 27 Feb 2020

The notion that Bernie Sanders is heading up an electoral, unstoppable juggernaut is total nonsense. It is political spin not paying attention to the cold hard facts emerging from the first three Democrat contests. I believe in numbers. On the … Continue reading

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Thoughts from Chairman Bernie

Communist run Cuba has a government worthy of praise. Ditto for Communist China. Sanders argues that cervical cancer is caused by a woman’s inability to achieve orgasm, that women who dislike sexual intercourse are more likely to contract cancer, and … Continue reading

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The Failed Prognostications of Max Boot Regarding President Trump by Larry C Johnson

I stumbled across a Podesta email obtained by Wikileaks that is dated February 2016 and provides an amusing perspective on why the NeoCons and foreign policy establishment embodied by the likes of Mac Boot were so wrong about Donald Trump. … Continue reading

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Comrade Bernie’s views on policy

A number of people have written to express dissatisfaction with my representation of Comrade Bernie's views.  Here I give you his views as published by Politico.  This does not mention his statements on 60 Minutes to Anderson Cooper to the … Continue reading

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The Russia Interference Hoax–Deja Vu All Over Again by Larry C Johnson

Admiral Bill McRaven is proving himself to be an ignorant buffoon. Yes, I’m calling a so-called military hero a clown. He is out today with a despicable op-ed attacking President Trump for removing ACTING DNI Joe Maguire. Here is a … Continue reading

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Ours, theirs, or something else’s

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Comrade Bernie’s Triumph in Nevada

1.  Looks like he da man.  He and Mikey.  "Let Mikey do it!" or something like that is da Mikey slogan.  Two old Jewish men from NY City are potentially facing another old man from NY City, this one a … Continue reading

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