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FOREIGN MEDIA. I don't know what Sputnik's and RT's audiences actually are in the USA or elsewhere but indications are that they are small or even tiny. But this hasn't affected the year's conniption fit and so we must be … Continue reading

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I have something useful to do and will be back in a couple of days.  pl

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The end is in sight in Syria

Editorial comment: IMO there is a private understanding among DJT /Putin/Iran and Bashar Assad as to the desired outcome in Syria.: It is reported that the State Department and DoD were "blindsided" by Trump's instruction for them to stop supplying … Continue reading

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More on the Iran Propaganda Meme by Publius Tacitus

The NeoCons and the hardline Israelis just won't let up when it comes to trying to manufacture a case for war with Iran. Sadly, Donald Trump has bought into this nonsense along with several members of Congress and many in … Continue reading

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al-ghazali would be saddened.

    "Sufism is a strand of Islam that eschews materialism and emphasizes the inward search for God. Sufi adherents are responsible for some of Islam's most famous and beloved literature, including the poems of Rumi. Followers promote values such as … Continue reading

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” Trump’s Saudi Scheme Unravels” – Alastair Crooke

  "And, maybe MbS and Kushner thought Netanyahu spoke for Israel when he promised to be a partner in the front against Hezbollah and Iran? Was it the “grand plan” that was affirmed between Netanyahu and Trump on the day … Continue reading

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Have the US military gone Zionist?

"That is the center of America’s security relationship with Israel – the notion that our two countries have the same founding principles, the same respect for the social contract and for the social covenant. I have taken more than 400 … Continue reading

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French Canadian meat stuffing for fowl.

(Regimental Color of the VanDoos)  "Put all ingredients in large pan except crackers. Cook on medium heat until meat is well cooked, approximately one hour stirring occasionally, so it will not stick to bottom of pan. Add 1 ladle of … Continue reading

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DECAMERON: And Now, Calling to Start US War in Syria All Over Again…

  There are only a couple of dozen hardcore BORG-ists (to use Col Lang’s useful description) trolling for war against Iran, but they are irrationally consistent.  The names are familiar:  Ledeen, Richard Perle, Woolsey, Foundation for the Defense of Democracies … Continue reading

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Drums Along the Euphrates – TTG

Earlier today this tweet by Elijiah Magnier caught my eye. “USA protects SDF and ISIS east of the Euphrates and agreed that Russia won't fly over the area occupied by the US Forces in north-east Syria. USA is officially an … Continue reading

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