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Representative Elijah Cummings Stands Tall for the USS Liberty Vets

By Sidney O. Smith III   First an admission.  “Elijah” has always ranked very, very high on my list of favorite names.  Unlike Freud and according to tradition, Elijah reconciles father with son and mother with daughter.  And as some … Continue reading

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Matt Taibbi on Goldman

I know I said the 2nd,but this is too good to miss.  pl

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Crippling Obama’s Counterinsurgency Strategy – Richard Sale

A critical component of Obama’s Afghan strategy – separating local Afghans from Taliban insurgents and then building social and economic programs that create local loyalty to the central government – is being nullified because of inadequate numbers of Afghan police … Continue reading

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SST will be open for business on 2 August

There are just too many things to talk about to stay shut down longer.  pl

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Analysis: Iran – Crowds and Power – Richard Sale

By Richard Sale, Middle East Times Intelligence Correspondent What dictators like Serbia’s Slobodan Milosevic and Ayatollah Khomeini had in common was their grasp of the blunt truth that whoever controls the streets controls the government and the country. As students … Continue reading

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Hasta Luego

I have had enough for now.  There will be nothing more from me until after Labor Day.  I will think about it then.  If you wsh to comment or post I will moderate or post your material if I like … Continue reading

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Iraq and the Neocon Delusion

 "… how to talk about Iraq. Aspirations of a "quick political fix" and a speedy U.S. departure should be superseded by more realistic ambitions for a plodding but upward trajectory, buttressed by American political assistance and an expanding bilateral nonmilitary … Continue reading

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National Journal Blog – 20 July 2009

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Agitprop in our time

An interesting item sent by a friend of SST.  pl

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“Taliban strategy could threaten Pakistan’s nukes” Richard Sale

Administration officials see a sinister new shift in Taliban strategy in the latest attacks on Pakistani nuclear scientists and engineers, key players in developing Islamabad’s strategic weaponry. One of Pakistan’s most dangerous terrorist groups, the Tehrik-e-Taliban, has claimed responsibility for … Continue reading

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