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The Wrath of Gustav – Pray for the Gulf South

O God, Lord of the universe, hear the voices of your children.  The Sea of Galilee obeyed your command and returned to its quiet.  You are the Master of land and sea.  We live in the shadow of a danger … Continue reading

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“Candidate McCain Disappoints”

"I find it incredibly startling that McCain would choose a person he hardly knows for a job as important as the Vice Presidency of the United States. It is so obvious that he is doing this as a political tactic … Continue reading

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Who? Palin? Is that her family name?

"Ms. Palin then took the stage with her husband, Todd, who owns a commercial fishing business. They were accompanied by four of their five children; she said the eldest child, a son, is in the Army, and he is heading … Continue reading

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Trade War over Georgia? Not the point.

Several commenters have written to discuss my rhetorical question as to whether or not Russia and the US will push their renewed rivalry to the point of war. Some have dismissed the possibility of the kind of wars that they … Continue reading

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Is Abkhazia a country?

"Igor Lukes, a professor of international relations at Boston University, said international law contained clear standards for evaluating whether an independence movement should be recognized, in part based upon whether such a territory has well-defined borders, a well-established central authority … Continue reading

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Fabius Maximus teaches us. Thank You, Fabius.

Our brother Fabius, who evidently writes about oil was courteous enough to inform me that he has posted the following in his blog.  I thank him for his help in explaining this complex phenomenon.  So many have sought to help … Continue reading

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Maliki wants us gone by 2011?

"al-Maliki’s remarks Monday suggested that the Iraqi government is still not satisfied with that arrangement. An aide to the prime minister said Monday that Iraq remained adamant that the last American soldier must leave Iraq by the end of 2011 … Continue reading

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McCain/Petraeus = Overwhelming Victory

Having spoken my piece on Biden, I turn to the Republicans. McCain is likely to win the election because of the "issues" now built into the Obama campaign but he is a terrible, boring, sleep inducing speaker.  Without the impact … Continue reading

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Rich on “Change”

"So while Obama can continue to try to reassure resistant Clinton loyalists in Appalachia that he’s not a bogeyman from Madrassaland, he must also move on to the bigger picture for everyone else. He must rekindle the “fierce urgency of … Continue reading

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Biden is a fighter, and a screamer.

I once had the "privilege" of having Senator Joseph Biden rip a strip of hide off me. (figuratively)  It was impressive and memorable.  I would not want to be the Republicans when he really gets wound up. I believe that … Continue reading

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