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Harper on the 28 pages.

On Friday, July 15, the Obama White House released a redacted copy of the missing 28 page chapter from the original December 2002 Joint Congressional Joint Inquiry report on 9/11.  The timing of the release was calculated to minimize the … Continue reading

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” … Turkey’s Post-Coup Attempt Military Purge” ISW

"Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s ongoing military purge is not merely a response to a coup, but an aggressive restructure, rebranding, and reorientation of the Turkish military. Erdogan began to purge the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) after elements of it … Continue reading

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Syria – 30 July 2016

  "Despite several rebel attempts at re-opening their last Aleppo supply road and repelling government forces, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) was able to capture the entire Bani Zaid district after a string of recent advances near the Castello road. … Continue reading

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Sanders delegate’s video of DNC “shaping” the audience last night

According to this woman from Los Angeles the DNC sought to exclude Bernie delegates from the convention last night by filling the hall with hired actors and excluding Sanders delegates.  pl

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Post Convention Thread – 2016

"CLINTON'S CLAIM: "If you believe that we should say 'no' to unfair trade deals … then join us." THE FACTS: Clinton now says that she opposes the Trans-Pacific Partnership free-trade agreement, but she championed it when serving as President Obama's … Continue reading

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End game in Aleppo

  "The Syrian army is advancing inside the Handarat Refugee Camp south of the Mallah Farms area near Aleppo city. The operation followed the liberation of the Bani Zeid neighborhood of Aleppo city that allowed the Syrian army and the Kurdish … Continue reading

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Is Russia our enemy?

The Democratic Party convention and the media are full of the assumption that Russia is the enemy of the United States.  What is the basis for that assumption? Russian support for the Russian ethnic minority in eastern Ukraine?  How does … Continue reading

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“Black power in Baltimore” LA Times – Re-published 27 July 2016

"The mayor is black. The council is almost two-thirds black. The school superintendent is black. The police chief is black, and a majority of his officers are black. Race riots inevitably end in contention over what social woes led to … Continue reading

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What did Sanders actually get?

" … a formal set of principal goals which are supported by a political party or individual candidate, in order to appeal to the general public, for the ultimate purpose of garnering the general public's support and votes about complicated … Continue reading

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” … an excuse to snuff out secular democracy” Quartz

 "In the immediate aftermath of the Turkish military’s attempted coup on July 15, the international community responded with relief. While many people within Turkey and outside of it are no fans of president Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s authoritarian regime, the bloodshed … Continue reading

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