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Anthro on Logic

"Let’s look at the logic of the "Hegelian compromise" vs. "Zero-sum" game – particularly it’s history. In both cases, the point of diplomacy is to investigate the results of direct application of power (ultimately violence), and then come to that … Continue reading

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Dowd on Cheney and Iran

"VICE PRESIDENT DICK CHENEY: Good morning, Tim. RUSSERT: How close are we to war with Iran? CHENEY: Well, I think we are in the final stages of diplomacy, obviously. We have done virtually everything we can with respect to carrots, … Continue reading

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“Who Loveth Best” Alan Farrell

I put this on once before but there are now so many new Farrell "Groupies" that I thought I should give you another chance to contemplate the deep symbolism of this neo-Kafkaesque gem.  pl Download who_loveth_best.pdf

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Open Thread – Any Subject

I will be occupied with something for a few days.  pl

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“A Purple Heart and A Dime” Alan Farrell

I thought about writing something today about the looming menace of Iranian ICBMs (quoting the commander guy here) or the irony of the thought that we might bomb Kurds because they are an unruly pain in the tail.  Yes I … Continue reading

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“Pakistan on the Brink” by FB Ali

Farrukh B. Ali has written us a perceptive essay on the parlous state of Pakistan today.  pl Download pakistan_on_the_brink.doc

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Zuckerman on Iranian Intentions

Sunday mornings I devote to watching the newsy talkies.  Sad, but necessary.  The terriers get me up by 0730 anyway.  Good coffee helps to bolster spirits for the experience.  One of the weeklies that I watch is the McLaughlin thing.  … Continue reading

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Inexcusable Negligence at Minot AFB

"Air Force weapons officers assigned to secure nuclear warheads failed on five occasions to examine a bundle of cruise missiles headed to a B-52 bomber in North Dakota, leading the plane’s crew to unknowingly fly six nuclear-armed missiles across the … Continue reading

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“The Butcher’s Cleaver” Now for Sale

Please visit the web site for my first novel "The Butcher's Cleaver."   It is now for sale on-line at Barnes & Noble, Amazon and pl For sale at these lnks: In the UK the book … Continue reading

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What are the odds on Bhutto?

There were three suicide bombers on foot in the crowd and someone fired several shots that hit the bullet resistant glass where she was supposed to be sitting. Musharraf has been the target of a number of assassination plots but … Continue reading

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