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China is buying a lot of corn

"China took another step toward meeting agricultural commitments made in the phase one trade agreement with the U.S. with its biggest-ever purchase of American corn. The U.S. Department of Agriculture said Thursday that exporters sold 1.937 million metric tons of … Continue reading

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Even the CIA Thought the Steele Dossier Was Crap by Larry C Johnson

Well what do you know? John Brennan, the congenital liar and Obama's CIA Chief, actually made the right call when it came to the Steele Dossier. More importantly, we discover that Brennan inadvertently admitted that there was no substance to … Continue reading

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A rehearing is granted by the court of appeals in the Michael Flynn mandamus action

By Robert Willmann The opinion and order in Michael Flynn's favor in his mandamus action issued by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit on 24 June 2020 has been vacated, and a rehearing by all of the … Continue reading

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On the one hand …

1. I watched the launch of the Mars mission this AM.  Flawless, simply flawless.  The big Atlas 5/Centaur blasted into the sky exactly on time from Canaveral.  First Stage burnout and jettison was flawless, Centaur performed its two burns perfectly.  … Continue reading

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What, exactly, is the “Biden Coalition?”

Is a puzzlement!  (Yul Brynner reference) Supporting the likely victory of Bidenismo are several groups with seemingly conflicting interests: The Congressional Democrats; Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Nadler et al.  Like all politicians their main concern is the acquisition  and retention of … Continue reading

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Doctors go to Washington about hydroxychloroqine and COVID-19. Censorship follows.

By Robert Willmann Today, 28 July, a story popped up that some doctors had a little press event about the SARS-CoV-2 virus in front of the Supreme Court building yesterday in Washington D.C., introduced by Congressman Ralph Norman (Repub., South … Continue reading

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Democratic strategy is to ignore the truth …

AG Barr testified today before the House Committee on the Judiciary.  The chairman is Jerrold Nadler.  In his opening remarks he accused Barr of obeying President Trump, to which Barr replied that as a member of the cabinet he is … Continue reading

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The Curious Silence of the Traitors by Larry C Johnson

Remember when John O. Brennan–Obama's CIA Director–and disgraced FBI agent, Peter Strzok, were regularly spewing anti-Trump diatribes on Twitter? Well, Strzok went silent on 11 July 2020 and Brennan did the same a week later (18 July 2020). I do … Continue reading

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Christmas will come early for lawyers in 2020

Will our pilgrimage survive 2020?  Only time will tell, but one thing is certain.  Lawyers will prosper in the post-election world.   IMO the results of the presidential election will be contested in federal court in all 50 states and the … Continue reading

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“Let the Cities Burn (or Not)” Real Clear Politics

"There is no police power in the federal Constitution. The police power is left to the states. To the extent the President can send federal officers into Portland, Oregon, and other cities, it should be to protect federal property. The … Continue reading

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