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Two tantalizing court orders spice up the Trump lawsuit for a review of items seized in the search. News media want to intervene, and Trump haters ask to file an amicus brief.

By Robert Willmann The dismal sight of federal judges looking for the most part like rubber stamps for the executive branch and Department of Justice has been blocked so far by two court orders in Donald Trump’s lawsuit asking for … Continue reading

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“Ukraine exploits Russia’s ‘thin’ defences in Kherson counter-offensive”

“According to claims from both Russian and Ukrainian sources, the 1000-metre crossing over the Dnipro River, which Russia relies on to resupply the front line, was no longer suitable for crossing with even light vehicles. Western analysts said Ukrainian troops … Continue reading

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” … as Kyiv ‘breaks through’ Russian defences in Kherson.”

“Heavy fighting” has broken out across nearly all of the southern Kherson region, after Ukrainian forces broke Russian defences in their long-awaited counter-offensive to retake the territory.  Volodymyr Zelensky, the Ukrainian president, urged enemy troops to flee as the territory was bombarded … Continue reading

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Starlink Group 3-4

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Once again …

The system of “classifying” information as “Unclassified. Confidential, Secret and Top Secret” does not exist by law. It exists solely by presidential executive order and each succeeding president must renew the executive order with any changes that POTUS wishes to … Continue reading

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“Armed Forces of Ukraine break through first line of Russian defence in Kherson Oblast Kakhovka Operational Group”

“The Kakhovka Operational Group have published a video in which it is said that the Ukrainian army broke through the first line of Russian defence in Kherson Oblast. Source: Kakhovka Operational Group; Ukrainska Pravda sources in the Ukrainian Armed Forces; Dom TV channel Quote: “The … Continue reading

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“How significant is resistance to the Taliban in Afghanistan?”

“Nazary said the Taliban has brought many forces into the region, including some of their most elite fighters; however, it has had little to no success rooting out the NRF. The NRF has had increased luck recruiting new fighters as … Continue reading

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“Russia transfers heavy military equipment to Crimea …” 

“A Russian convoy transporting heavy military equipment is headed for Crimea, reports said Saturday, in an apparent effort by Moscow to beef up its offensive in Ukraine.  The equipment was reportedly seen being transported near Kerch Bridge, also known as the … Continue reading

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Half a year of the “SMO” – TTG

As already mentioned, the Russian leadership prefers to turn a blind eye to problems during the SMO, hoping that this will make the problems disappear. The leadership of Russia is moving into another reality (and the Republics are following it). … Continue reading

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Starlink Group 4-23

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