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Mental Hygiene – TTG

I’ve often sung the praises of the act of reading the local newspaper. Since I’ve retired, I’ve engaged in the morning ritual of putting the kettle on the boil, walking out to the mailbox to fetch the morning paper and … Continue reading

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Felix Sater–The Rosetta Stone for the FBI/CIA Conspiracy Against Trump? by Larry Johnson

Felix Sater may be the Rosetta Stone to unlocking the conspiracy between the FBI and the CIA to destroy the candidacy and, later, the Presidency of Donald Trump. I write this after reading the latest indictment of Michael Cohen, who … Continue reading

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Trump’s foreign policy is run by neocons. (Editorial)

Melania was right when she told an interviewer in Africa that her husband is surrounded by enemies within his administration.  These are people who either opposed him during the 2016 campaign season or who signed up early in the campaign … Continue reading

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Michael Cohen pleads guilty again, this time to the Mueller group

By Robert Willmann As has by now been plastered all over the mass media, Michael Cohen, a former attorney for president Donald Trump, today went into federal court in Manhattan, New York City, to plead guilty as part of a … Continue reading

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His “gut,” and not his brain is how he runs everything?

Yes.  Trump says that is how he "rolls."  The indicators that this is true are everywhere.  He does not believe what the "swampies" tell him.  He listens to the State Department, the CIA, DoD, etc. and then acts on ill … Continue reading

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The Insight Lander

IMO everyone should consider this lander and the landing itself to be a roaring success.  Perhaps you think the whole space exploration thing to be a waste of time, money and talent.  I do not.  I consider the funds to … Continue reading

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Aid for Central America – been there, done that. – Re-posted 26 November 2018

  I just listened to Geraldo Rivera slobber with emotion on "The Five" over the unwillingness of the US Government to allow one and all Latinos to immigrate to the US.  One and all!  I remember Rivera as the man … Continue reading

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Incident in the Kerch Strait – TTG

Earlier today Russian Navy, Coast Guard and Aerospace Forces intercepted and captured three Ukrainian vessels as they attempted to pass through the Kerch Strait en route to Mariupol. Russian authorities claim the Ukrainians failed to coordinate the passage and illegally … Continue reading

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The Saudis will not accept punishment.

I have been asked to give my view as to whether or not the Saudi theocracy would accept punitive measures in response to their confessed murder by government personnel of Kashoggi.  In my opinion they will not.  They believe that … Continue reading

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The US Armed Forces are not a line in Trump’s balance sheet

If I read the Tweet right, Trump today wrote that the US is entitled to "fair payment for the excellent protection we provide" to foreign countries.  Someone should tell him that all the world is not a marketplace where government … Continue reading

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