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He is risen…

A happy and joyous Easter to all. TTG

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The Polish Proa Fleet

I thought I’d change it up. Even add a little levity to our sullen and sometimes frightening world. Given that Vladimir Eremeev and his self-designed and self-built proa, Drama Queen, has now started and completed two Everglades Challenges, I think … Continue reading

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The Baltimore Key Bridge Collapse

At the suggestion of Keith Harbaugh, here’s a post on the collapse of the Francis Scott Key bridge in Baltimore. Keith provided a YouTube playlist with several good videos. I’ve watched the 50 minute video of Sal Mercogliano and John … Continue reading

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The Russians have Won And We Will All Be Better For It Opinion By Walrus.

Remember when this latest war started? Our esteemed leadership here and probably elsewhere told us that the Russians would lose because they were tactically backward, corrupt, led by incompetents and technically unsophisticated. They would be no match for the technically … Continue reading

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Al Jazeera Explainer: Why is ISIS-K targeting Russia?

Defence and security analysts say the group has targeted its propaganda at Russian President Vladimir Putin in recent years over the alleged oppression of Muslims by Russia. “Russian foreign policy has been one big red flag for ISIS [ISIL],” Michael … Continue reading

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More provocation. An attack on a Moscow concert hall and mall by several persons has produced many casualties.

By Robert Willmann As if indiscriminate violence has not been enough starting at the Mediterranean Sea and going through Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and then up into Ukraine. Now an attack on a civilian entertainment and mall area in … Continue reading

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Open Thread – 22 March 2024

I usually avoid posting articles about our internal politics… it’s been like a religious war lately, at least rhetorically. At least there’s not a lot of actual witch burnings yet. But we have March Madness on the Potomac today. The … Continue reading

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“Study Reveals How Ancient Humans Escaped Climate Extinction 900,000 Years Ago”

Some 900,000 years ago, humans nearly went extinct. According to the results of a genomics study published last year, modern humanity’s ancestors were reduced to a breeding population of barely 1,300 individuals in a devastating bottleneck that brought us to the … Continue reading

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“How the Czech Republic has just stopped Putin cold and saved Ukraine”

Russia went to war in Ukraine two years ago with twice as many artillery pieces as Ukraine had. But it isn’t the advantage in howitzers that really matters – it’s the advantage in shells. After all, a single gun firing … Continue reading

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“Putin’s arms shipments no longer dare enter the Black Sea. Russia is losing the logistic war”

Navies spend more time (ideally) preventing conflict in the first place, but if that fails, the big effort is protecting their own side’s logistics and/or denying the enemy theirs. History is littered with examples of combatants who overreached their supply … Continue reading

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