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“Like in 1914 or 1939, we may be sleepwalking towards a global war that nothing can stop”

” Russia is still powerful, but in decline. China until recently appeared to be in unstoppable ascent. But now its economy is stalling, its population ageing, and (like Germany before 1914) it has alarmed its rivals. Its rulers may be starting … Continue reading

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“The spotlight must now turn to the rich men Ghislaine Maxwell trafficked girls for” Gaby Hinsliff in The Guardian

“First and most obviously in the firing line are the men against whom direct allegations have been made, chief among them Prince Andrew. Virginia Giuffre, who is currently attempting to bring a civil suit against the prince accusing him of a sexual … Continue reading

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“What Ghislaine Maxwell’s conviction in Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking trial means for Prince Andrew” Telegraph

“The court also heard how Prince Andrew had been among those who flew on Epstein’s private jet, nicknamed the “Lolita Express”. In seeking to get their own case thrown out, the Duke’s lawyers have sought to paint Ms Giuffre as … Continue reading

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The “Daughter of Time” redux

Researchers claim to have found evidence that the older boy Edward may not have been murdered, but instead secretly allowed to live on his half-brother’s land under a false name. They have followed a trail of medieval documents to a … Continue reading

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“When you are tempted to trust a general, remember how he got to be one.”

The title of the post is a pithy saying that my father, who served 34 years in the US Army, offered to me when he finally realized that I was determined to accept a commission in his army. He had … Continue reading

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“INSPIRING: Disabled Army veteran helping others through ‘old school’ woodworking craft” – TTG

By James Baron / The Free Lance-Star An Army colonel who found relief from post-traumatic stress disorder through an old woodworking craft hopes the same thing that helped him might help others. Roger Lintz says his eventual freedom from PTSD … Continue reading

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“Quebec accused of launching ‘culture war’ on English with strict French language law” Telegraph

“Overview as of the 2016 census[edit] Population: 8,164,361 Official language: French Majority group: Francophone (77.1%) Minority groups: Allophone (13.15%), Anglophone (7.45%), Aboriginals (0.6%), native speakers of two languages or more (2.3%)[2]” wiki Among the ten provinces of Canada, Quebec is the only one whose majority is francophone. Quebec’s population accounts for 23.9% … Continue reading

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” … Now Comes the Hard Part.”

“As JWST separated from its rocket’s upper stage, a video feed showed the now-independent spacecraft gleaming in sunlight, capturing one last close-up look at the observatory before its quest to pierce the veil of cosmic darkness took it inaccessibly far … Continue reading

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“Russia pulls back 10,000 troops from near Ukraine in surprise de-escalation”

“Russia said on Saturday it was pulling back about 10,000 troops from near the Ukrainian border in an unexpected major de-escalation as it gears up for talks on Nato concessions with the United States. The troops from the Southern Military … Continue reading

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Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo and Jose Carreras sing Christmas music

By Robert Willmann Music for a Blessed Christmas Without ads but less video resolution–

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