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Ah! It’s an IRAQI Rebellion! Ah!

I listened to President Bush’s speech at Annapolis. The thing with the Midshipmen and the Academy Band and a predictably warm reception is amusing.  If he really wanted to hear them cheer, he should have given them "amnesty" for any … Continue reading

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“Fighting Position” – Farrell

Alan Farrell’s verse. Download fighting_position.doc Download fighting_position.pdf

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The Chairman Speaks Up

"QUESTION: And, General Pace, what guidance do you have for your military commanders over there as to what to do if — like when General Horst found this Interior Ministry jail? PACE: It is absolutely responsibility of every U.S. service … Continue reading

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Ladder 49 – Farrell

"(maybe you’ve found something to yuck about at Mass; 50 years and I haven’t…)"  50?  Don’t BS me, pal, you were in Pontius Pilate’s bodyguard. "Gardens of Stone?"  I remember that one.  "It’s a family business and the business is … Continue reading

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Re-Training Support People?

On Meet the Press yesterday we learned that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Peter Pace USMC says that the armed forces can cope adequately with its impending crisis of personnel and unit "fatigue" by re-training support personnel to … Continue reading

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“Allawi: Iraq Abuses As Bad As Under Saddam”

"Human rights abuses in Iraq are as bad now as they were under Saddam Hussein and could become even worse, the country’s former interim prime minister said in an interview published Sunday. "People are doing the same as Saddam’s time … Continue reading

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Canada and the UFOs

I will be accused of inventing this story, so rather than comment I will merely post the newspaper account below. This may become the basis for a screenplay as a sequel to "Canadian Bacon." Pat Lang

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“Time for An Iraq Timetable” Biden

Senator Joe Biden has "stepped up to the plate" to give us an outline of what American plans in Iraq should be over the next year and a half.  As a leading contender for the Democratic Party nomination for president … Continue reading

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“War of the Worlds” – Farrell

"Al-Qa’ida."  Only one apostrophe.  It represents the consonant "Ain," pronounced something like a dog growling. "Al-Qaida" (Al-Kayda)(sic) means "air conditioner."  (That was a joke.) Pat Lang Download war_of_the_worlds.pdf Alan Farrell

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“Civil War?” Murry

Pat: Your most important point deals with a general failure of people to define clearly what they mean by the term "civil war." Almost a thousand days into this civil war in Iraq, and we still have only a few … Continue reading

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