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Ed Henry, Former Fox Anchor, Strikes Back at Fox News

Do you recall the aphorism, “revenge is a dish best-served cold?” Former Fox News show host, Ed Henry, delivered a frosty plate filled with offal today–courtesy of his attorney, Ty Clevenger–to the senior executives running Fox News. Henry is suing … Continue reading

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Kill the AUMFs? Yes!!

Comment: The US should have declared war in the case of each and every one of the AUMFs. There are three on the books. Iraq, Afghanistan and the on that authorizes the use of the armed forces against anything that … Continue reading

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U.S. Police in Major Metropolitan Areas Voting With Their Feet

Not even the fantastical, twisted literary worlds invented by Lewis Carroll aka Charles Dodgson prepared me for the rabbit hole the Democrats opened on Sunday with their strident claim that the policing crisis unfolding in Democrat controlled cities is the … Continue reading

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Falcon 9 Block 5 Transporter 2

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CJCS is NOT in the chain of command

“I said you’re in fucking charge!” Trump reportedly shouted. “Well, I’m not in charge!” Milley is said to have “yelled” back. “You can’t fucking talk to me like that!” Trump reportedly shouted. Bender reports that Milley told advisers gathered in … Continue reading

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My WAG would be a Florida sinkhole.

“While the entire coastline in that part of Florida is settling (sinking) a couple millimeters per year, experts say the deeply buried concrete pilings would have ensured that wasn’t a concern—unless some type of void or sinkhole opened up beneath … Continue reading

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“2 more Catholic Churches burned down in BC’s interior” – TTG

“Two more Catholic churches on reserves in British Columbia’s southern Interior burned down Saturday morning. Lower Similkameen Indian Band Chief Keith Crow says he received a call at about 4 a.m. PT that the Chopaka church was on fire. By time he … Continue reading

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Why Putin sees the Whisperer as weak

Joe Biden “on Saturday backtracked on previous remarks he made on his intent to sign the nearly $1 trillion infrastructure package and confirmed he will “fully stand behind it. “The bottom line is this: I gave my word to support the Infrastructure Plan, … Continue reading

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” … US would look like Canada.”

“Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis defended his record on handling the COVID-19 pandemic, remarking that if he did not stand up to the continued overreach by the federal government, the U.S. as a whole would be as severely locked down … Continue reading

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“Harvard Poll: 80 Percent See Border as a Disaster”

“A new Harvard/Harris poll showed an overwhelming, 80% of respondents agreed illegal immigration is a serious issue and President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have not been giving it enough attention. Additionally, 68% agreed Biden’s White House is sending signals … Continue reading

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