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Trump, the Military, Puerto Rico and the News Media by Willy B

I. What Trump Actually Said     If you've been depending on the major news media to keep up with the response to the disaster in Puerto Rico you might think that President Trump has been ignoring the plight of the people … Continue reading

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Russia and US will build a new space station

"At the International Aeronautics Congress in Adelaide, Australia, representatives of NASA and the Russian space agency Roscosmos announced that they had signed an agreement to work together on venturing into deep space, with the first conceptual goal being a deep … Continue reading

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Ho Chi Minth by Richard Sale

  My third day at LIFE Magazine, in January, 1968, I was being introduced to various staff, and was taken to the Text Department as part of my orientation. The Text Department did long analytical articles on subjects of importance … Continue reading

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Is the US in cahoots with IS? – TTG

In short, no. IS is clearly losing cohesion and any IS or allied groups not closely tied to the central leadership are beginning to despair of the fight. I think YPG/SDF units may be able to bypass some of these … Continue reading

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Route 5 to open through the Rastan plain

  "The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and militant forces in northern Homs have accepted the terms for a de-escalation zone over the Al-Rastan Plain, the high command of the military reported from Damascus today. According to the Syrian military, the … Continue reading

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Liberation of Idlib Province soon?

  "Key formations of the Syrian Arab Army – many of them elite outfits – are gathering strength on the front-lines of northern Hama and western Aleppo in preparation for a massive operation to lift the siege on two key … Continue reading

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Trump Has His Finger On a Pulse and the NFL is in Trouble by Publius Tacitus

I do not know why Donald Trump pulls the pin on a verbal grenade and rolls it into the crowded public tent, but he appears to know what he is doing as far as appealing to his base goes. His … Continue reading

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“Simian Mutual Hostility” – A Short Note On North Korea By Walrus.

Colonel Lang aptly described the current situation vis a vis the leaders of North Korea and the United States as one of "Simian Mutual Hostility" and offered his opinion that there is little chance of avoiding war. On 23rd September … Continue reading

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Recommended Reading – “Special Forces Berlin: Clandestine Cold War Operations of the US Army’s Elite, 1956-1990” – TTG

“This book recognizes a unit, the members of which were among the most impactful of giants on whose shoulders the current special operators stand, whether in the SF Groups or in the most clandestine of our special operations “SMU” outfits. … Continue reading

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Kurdish Referendum Today

   "The Kurdish Independence referendum despite the pressure from Iraq and many other Middle Eastern and European countries opened its polls this morning. The ballot contains a single question: “Do you want the Kurdistan region and the Kurdistani areas outside … Continue reading

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