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IMO Iran will wait for Biden

A journo friend called yesterday to ask my opinion about the course of near term events regarding Iran. The murder of a senior Iranian scientist at the weekend may have been done by Israel or the United States or both … Continue reading

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Fox News Swirling Down The Toilet by Larry C Johnson

In order to grasp the magnitude of Fox News’ betrayal of its conservative base, I decided to look back at their ratings in August of 2020 and compare the results with its current viewership as of November 23, 2020. The … Continue reading

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A judge reverses himself on a restraining order in the Sidney Powell case in Georgia

By Robert Willmann Attorneys Sidney Powell and Lin Wood (pictured), and other attorneys, filed lawsuits in Georgia and Michigan about voting fraud.  The Georgia case was filed on Wednesday, 25 November 2020.  On Friday, the 27th, they filed a request … Continue reading

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Grilled pork chops

Pork chops. Brined 24 hours in water, salt, sugar and soy. A dusting of McCormick Himalayan pink salt, pepper and garlic.

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Why Does the Media Refuse To Report Meaningful Data on Covid?

Even with Donald Trump’s vindication of getting big Pharma to produce a viable vaccine to immunize people against the COVID, the media misinformation and hysteria continues. The media meme wants you to believe that this is a real pandemic and … Continue reading

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” … MSNBC host suggested electors abandon POTUS-elect.” Foxnews

"MSNBC host Chris Hayes has been one of the most vocal critics of President Trump, accusing him in recent weeks of undermining democracy by not conceding the 2020 presidential election, but resurfaced comments he made back in 2016 suggested he also did … Continue reading

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The Biden familia redux

"All indications are that Hunter Biden has substance abuse problems. If hadn’t been a drunk, we wouldn’t know as much about his shenanigans with Joe in the Ukraine and China. Here’s the story. In 2019, an an unkempt man, smelling … Continue reading

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Actual Starlink costs will be low …

"Yes indeed, in a tweet heard all around the northern hemisphere, on Nov. 6 Canada's Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED) Ministry announced that it has granted "regulatory approval for the @SpaceXStarlink low Earth orbit satellite constellation."  How important is this … Continue reading

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Seagoing turkey

Cut thick and so I cooked it 8 minute on a side.  A perfect medium.  I am trying out new seasonings and would put a little more on next time.  Sorry for the blur on the left side.   My hand … Continue reading

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“La Grande Fete de Merci Donnant” Buchwald – reposted 2020

"They landed at a place called Plymouth (once a famous voiture Americaine ) in a wooden sailing ship called the Mayflower (or Fleur de Mai ) in 1620. But while the Pelerins were killing the dindes, the Peaux-Rouges were killing … Continue reading

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