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MY PPT on the Military Orders

I spent the morning giving a lecture on the Crusader states and the Military religious orders.  Here are my slides.  There is no text.  Make up your own.  pl Download The Crusader States2 I was a bit tired yesterday when … Continue reading

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The search for the “New South”

"Dickinson says you know you’re in real Virginia "when the big issue is hunting. People who are for hunting and the Second Amendment are going to vote Republican to protect against radical socialist communist views. It’s also about faith: I … Continue reading

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“Let’s Vote!”

"Never have so many people in the region registered to vote, and with the intense interest in the presidential election, officials expect turnout rates as high as 90 percent. Virginia has added 500,000 registered voters to its rolls since the … Continue reading

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The Raid Into Syria

""Iraq is in contact with the American side about reports regarding the attack along the frontier with Syria. This region is a theatre of insurgent activities against Iraq using Syria as a launch pad," Iraqi government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh said … Continue reading

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GOP = Whigs?

Millard Fillmore was the last Whig president.  He succeeded Zachary Taylor upon Taylor’s unexpected death.  There were a few more Whig candidates for president after Fillmore, but the game was really over for the Whigs.  The party broke up over … Continue reading

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Will OPEC production cuts work?

"Even the Saudis, who argued for keeping the markets well supplied at the last OPEC meeting, seemed to have been struck by the speed of the price drop. When prices spiked this summer, the cartel’s leaders attributed the jump to … Continue reading

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Tribe on tribe – Pakistan

"The wounded men, and many others in the hospital, were supposed to be the backbone of a Pakistani government effort to take on the Taliban and its backers, Al Qaeda, with armies of traditional tribesmen working in consultation with the … Continue reading

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The McCain/Palin Administration – Not!

Sarah Palin started calling it the "McCain/Palin Administration" immediately after her coronation at the Republican convention.  Most of us "inside the beltway" creatures knew right away that this was a bad thing.  For the vice-presidential nominee of any party to … Continue reading

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Fortunato’s Creed

  "Pat Army Specialist Stephen R. Fortunato (25) passed away in Afghanistan this past week. He wrote the following recently and if you see fit please pass it on as it is especially poingant considering his short time here. He … Continue reading

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I will be gone until Wednesday.  I am on a panel at Fordham University Tuesday.  It is at the Manhattan Campus of the law school from 1 to 5 PM.  Subject "Torture and American Culture." For those who might be … Continue reading

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