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“…a nation divided against itself …”

"For more than two years, the United States and the world have had two competing narratives: that an elected president of the United States was a Russian agent whom the Kremlin helped elect; and its rival narrative that senior officials … Continue reading

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PUTIN SPEECH. (Eng) (Rus) As I concluded from reading his 1999 essay, Putin at the beginning had four broad intentions: to reverse economic decline, to re-establish central authority, to create a rule of law (or at least a rule of … Continue reading

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China – Russia gas pipeline almost completed. Gazprom

"Construction of its gas pipeline from Russia to China is 99% finished, Russian energy giant Gazprom has announced. According to reports, the company is planning to start delivering gas to China via the Power of Siberia line as early as … Continue reading

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Everglades Challenge 2019 – TTG

Ratty has always known the score. To be on the water in any kind of craft is therapeutic. The rythmic sound of the surf can only be equalled by the sound of the wind in the pines. Both together… heaven. … Continue reading

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Instead of media broadcasting the now disbarred lawyer Michael Cohen, the issues are India-Pakistan violence, nuclear weapons, and Korea

By Robert Willmann As television and media excitedly broadcast the now disbarred former Trump lawyer and loudmouth, Michael Cohen, in the ongoing attempt to create an atmosphere conducive to removing president Trump without an election, three issues that really matter … Continue reading

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Oral surgery today and tomorrow

Laser retread on gums.  Carry on.  pl

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Open Thread 26 December 2019


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A joint resolution about the national emergency at the border may have a vote on 26 February

By Robert Willmann The declaration of a national emergency at the border by president Trump on 15 February was published in the Federal Register on 20 February [1].  On 22 February, Joaquin Castro, a Democrat from San Antonio, Texas, introduced … Continue reading

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400 US troops in Syria? OK

A senior administration official told reporters on Friday that the 400 troops to be left in Syria would be split between a group of about 200 to set up and maintain a safe zone currently being negotiated for northeast Syria, … Continue reading

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“Pentagon chief: Broader approach to border security needed” – TTG

EL PASO, Texas (AP) — Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan said Saturday after visiting the U.S.-Mexico border that the government needs a broader, more effective approach to border control. He suggested the Pentagon might contribute with its expertise in surveillance … Continue reading

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