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Andrew Card – A dangerous Boy Scout

Remember this man?  He was White House Chief of Staff.  He was an Eagle Scout.  He was head of the White House "Iraq Group," the collection of courtiers, party hacks, and sycophants who were put in charge of selling the … Continue reading

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The Republican “Brand” as metaphor.

"Complaints about vacuous official rhetoric and the "dumbing-down" of presidential speeches, news conferences and interviews are standard fare. Lim found strong evidence to support those complaints, not just in his interviews with retired speechwriters but in the presidential texts themselves. … Continue reading

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10 pounds in a 1 pound bag

I was in New York City for a few days on business and took the opportunity to talk to a friend who knows his way around the financial world.  Inevitably the talk turned to the current crude price crisis.  This … Continue reading

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The Addington/Yoo Show Yesterday

"Think of Addington as the id of the Bush White House. Though his hidden hand is often merely suspected — in signing statements, torture policy and other brazen assertions of executive power — Addington’s unbridled hostility was live and unfiltered … Continue reading

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FISA and All Those Numbers

(I’d like to thank Col Lang for inviting me to be a guest author. One thing I’ve learned the last year or so coming here is that wisdom may be nothing more than recognizing how wrong we all can be … Continue reading

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The Oil Meeting at Jeddah – 2

"Producers and consumers should “wrest control” of trading in the oil by agreeing to restrict prices, Chidambaram told energy ministers in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, according to speech notes e-mailed from his ministry. Crude oil touched a record $139.89 a barrel … Continue reading

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The Oil Meeting at Jeddah

"Saudi Arabia will press consumer nations at an oil meeting in Jeddah this week to take action to curtail the speculation it sees as a major factor behind high oil prices, a newspaper reported on Saturday. "Governments have a role … Continue reading

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Overflight Clearance for an Israeli strike at Natanz

"The exercise involved Israeli helicopters that could be used to rescue downed pilots, the newspaper reported. The helicopters and refuelling tankers flew more than 1,400km (870 miles), roughly the distance between Israel and Iran’s main uranium enrichment plant at Natanz. … Continue reading

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Who are the Target Audience?

"US military officials on Wednesday accused a Shiite militant group of carrying out a truck bombing in northwestern Baghdad on Tuesday evening that killed at least 65 people, the deadliest attack in the capital since March. The accusation was startling … Continue reading

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“Speculators accused of dictating oil prices”

"Just how much oil prices are being driven by speculation became clearer yesterday as regulators revealed that Wall Street dealers, hedge funds, pension funds and other speculators hold 70 percent of the leading oil futures contracts traded in New York. … Continue reading

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