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Robert H. Scales- Yet Another “Convert.”

"Bean counters in the Pentagon tell us that Army recruitment and retention are in good shape. Problem is, our cumbersome readiness reporting system only informs leaders in Washington of conditions on the ground many months after the force begins to … Continue reading

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Late in the Game…

"…his bottom line is that the U.S. military is in "strategic peril" — a sharp contrast to his previous views. In 2005, he concluded in a similar report that "momentum is now clearly with the Iraqi government and coalition security … Continue reading

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“Must Love Dogs”

On a lighter note..  pl Download HornyDoggie.wm PS  What is the language?  Flemish?

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Reading the Omens

"The bomber bypassed tight security to get within 25 yards of the station by blending in with other trucks coming and going as part of a construction project, detonating his explosives after reaching the main gate. Police said half of … Continue reading

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Not like Vietnam?

People want to say that Iraq is not Vietnam.  I guess that is understandable.  We lost in Vietnam, not on the battlefield, not there, but as the NVA colonel said, that was irrelevant.  The politicians don’t want to say the … Continue reading

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“Late Edition” 18 March, 2007

"BLITZER: Welcome back. Year five of the war in Iraq is beginning with a new U.S. commander on the ground and a new security crackdown that will eventually be backed up by nearly 30,000 additional U.S. combat and support troops. … Continue reading

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Lecture on Islam – Lang

I have posted a video of a university lecture I gave over on "Athenaeum."  pl

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“Mugged by Reality”

"After four years of hostility, Sadr and the Americans are cooperating uneasily as the United States and Iraq attempt to tame Baghdad’s sectarian violence. American officials, who in recent months described Sadr’s Mahdi Army and other Shiite militias as the … Continue reading

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Democrats? Republicans? Same -Same

Read the article below and think about it.  AIPAC cracked the whip over the Democrats and they sat up and wagged their tails for the boss. Democrats?  Republicans? No difference.  They are all scum.  pl

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The Constituency That Counts

"Turns out that challenging President George W. Bush’s military policy is a lot trickier than the Democrats thought. For reasons they knew in advance: Congress has no say over the management of the war, which is constitutionally the president’s prerogative, … Continue reading

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