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Someone should tell Larry Derfner that he is an Anti-Semite.

"Victims? Lambs to the slaughter? Us? No, this has gone beyond embarrassing; this is out-and-out shameful. And, despite our excuses, it's not that we're "traumatized" by the past into believing that we're still weak, still the frightened, powerless Jews about … Continue reading

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More Nozette Court papers

30 October 2009 Here are some more documents from the court files in the new attempted espionage case against Stewart Nozette and in the older, pending case against him for conspiracy to commit fraud and tax evasion. I. The attempted … Continue reading

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NYU Conference on Counterinsurgency – 20 November, 2009

Download Save the Date! November 20 Conference

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“Cautious Progress in Iran” Adam L. Silverman

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) held its first scheduled inspections of Iran’s recently disclosed nuclear facility at Qom.  This is a sign of cautious progress in regards to Iran’s nuclear energy program, as well as dealings with the US … Continue reading

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Nozette wanted $2 million for his secrets.

Nozette will have a hearing in federal court soon on the issue of bail.  He should not be given bail.  He stated to a colleague" that he would flee if faced with imprisonment over his earlier coviction for false billing … Continue reading

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Not a bad solution.

"President Obama’s advisers are focusing on a strategy for Afghanistan aimed at protecting about 10 top population centers, administration officials said Tuesday, describing an approach that would stop short of an all-out assault on the Taliban while still seeking to … Continue reading

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How it is that Bob McDonnell will be the next Va. governor.

"…an improvement for Deeds in the critical Northern Virginia region, where he now holds a 56 to 43 percent lead in the left-leaning Washington suburbs. But that lead is swamped by significant and growing deficits in every other region of … Continue reading

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Update on Sunday’s Baghdad bombings.

"As the floodwater from broken water mains and sewers drained away, workers continued to hunt for victims amid the wreckage from Sunday’s bomb blasts, recovering still more bodies on Monday as the death toll climbed to as much as 155 … Continue reading

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A New Surge in Iraq

 "Twin car bombs targeted two government buildings in downtown Baghdad Sunday, wrecking pillars of the state's authority and cutting like a scythe through snarled traffic during the morning rush hour. The government said at least 132 people were killed and … Continue reading

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Next week is important for Iran.

IAEA inspectors will have a look at the Qom enrichment site this weekend.  Good.  The surrepticious construction of this site badly undermined the position of those in the West who wish to find some way other than war to deal … Continue reading

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