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Ukrainian Civil War: Where the Rebels Get Their Weapons, How they Use Them and What Their Most Effective Are. by Shellback

These were first published in Russia Insider, respectively here, here and here.   Where they get their weapons Especially as the shattering scale of destruction becomes apparent – Poroshenko says that Ukraine lost two-thirds of its military equipment (just one … Continue reading

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Libya Between the Lines

A two-part series in the New York Times (Feb. 28-29) gives details, some new, some not, on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's role in the 2011 decision to join France and England in attacking Libya. Ostensibly to protect civilians threatened … Continue reading

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Islamic World Tour d’Horizon – 28 February 2016

" … that state of affairs does not satisfy the SAA which ordered the Republican Guard’s 102nd Brigade and 416th Regiment to fully liberate Eastern Guta from the Islamists. SAA is supported by National Defense Force (NDF) militias and Palestinian … Continue reading

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Toward a “Borg” Definition.

Since there are competing attempts to describe the forces of eternal darkness as "The Deep State," etc., we should generate an "official" definition of the "Borg" as the destroyer of souls. Submit suggestions and I will judge the net of … Continue reading

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The Neocons will win in November.

  "While carcass candidates dance around life-and-death issues, the familiar flock of war vultures circle coolly overhead.  Campaign promises notwithstanding, those who whisper in the ears of America’s front-runners are overwhelmingly united in further destabilizing and exploiting the Middle East. … Continue reading

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ISW 90 Day Forecast for Syria.

"The expanded interventions of Russia and Iran into the Syrian Civil War have shifted the trajectory of the conflict in favor of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, granting him the strongest position on the battlefield as of February 24, 2016. Regime … Continue reading

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Friends & Colleagues Writing critical commentaries in bold language has consequences. One of them is being placed on assorted “No Invite” lists. That shunning does have its compensations, though. It adds to the time available to indulge pastimes. Mine include … Continue reading

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Why is the US so hostile to Russia? Biil Herschel and PL "If you watch this in its entirety (using subtitles which you have to turn on at the bottom of the video), you come away with the idea that the entire "treaty", or whatever, which the U.S. said from … Continue reading

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Open Thread – 24 February 2016


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Forget the Khanassar Road Block – clear the M5 south.

Courtesy of ISW we have this depiction of the state of play in NW Syria as of 25 January, 2016.    IS, Nusra and other jihadi groups have attacked the desert road from Ithriya east and then north through Khanassar north … Continue reading

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