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“Sic Semper Tyrannis” Policy

This blog seeks to promote reasoned discussion on a wide variety of topics of interest to the proprietor.  All point of view are welcome subject to the following: – Arguments must be well reasoned. – Arguments must be supported by … Continue reading

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The TARP is welfare for Wall Street

"We are not on the verge of a new depression. The housing bubble collapse in California, Florida and a few other states is not enough to bring down the entire banking system. Investors who made mistakes in these markets should … Continue reading

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“ACORN” as code

Whoever it was that counseled McCain that he should deny Obama legitimacy by acting as though he were not there at Ole Miss did him a great disservice.  McCain’s attitude is being interpreted as crypto-racism, and it may have been. … Continue reading

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After the Oxford debate…

Having watched it, I would say that Obama wins on points as a gentleman and McCain loses on coming across as a victim of coaching by brutes like Rick Davis et al. There will be those, like the oaf Chris … Continue reading

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Vote for Obama/Biden

The time has come when I should say that I wll vote for the Democratic Party ticket and urge others to do the same. Senator Obama is more to the left than I would like, but Senator McCain’s patently erratic … Continue reading

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The political circus.

It is evident that Barack Obama does not inspire confidence in much of the electorate. Once again, his numbers should be higher than they are in the polls.  Is that crypto-racism at work?  There is probably a lot of that, … Continue reading

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Let’s see the two cabinets.

This presidential election is going to be a close thing.   Many are skeptical about McCain and others do not trust Obama. It might be helpful at this point if the two candidates would make it clear whom they intend to … Continue reading

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No Paulson bail out!

“I think what Paulson hopes to do is say, ‘If you don’t do exactly what I want you to do, the whole world’s going to collapse on Tuesday’,” Gingrich said. The former Speaker, talking to reporters at a lunch, added … Continue reading

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The big states and the liitle ones.

"But while the Senate simply requires a majority of its 100 members to select the vice- president, the House must vote by states, with each state delegation having a single vote, and a majority of the states (at least 26 … Continue reading

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Revolution Anyone?

"Last week Barclays paid $1.75 billion to buy Lehman’s North American investment banking and capital markets business. It emerged over the weekend that Barclays had agreed to pay $2.5 billion in bonuses to Lehman bankers in the United States in … Continue reading

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