A Break Point

I will be 79 on the 31st of the month. I will think things over until then.  pl

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  1. Kilo 4/11 says:

    Colonel, the meter retires the 6 and turns up a 7 for me next month. I was finally getting comfortable in my role as a sixty-something and now I have to start over again. That 8 you’re about to get is awesome and a great achievement, considering all you’ve been through. Congratulations, sir.

  2. Doggrotter says:


  3. Barbara Ann says:

    Enjoy your break Colonel. There are many here who deeply appreciate what you do and wish you nothing but well.

  4. Error404 says:

    Congratulations both on your upcoming birthday and on still being in a position to make such a valuable contribution through this site.

  5. Balint Somkuti says:

    I wish you all the best for you upcoming birthday. Enjoy your break!

  6. Colonel,
    This is a unique site you are running. A large part of the work of running it must be moderating comments. Perhaps if that work could be at least in part delegated, or maybe the comments omitted entirely, that work might be less burdensome.
    I’d miss the comments. But not as much as I’d miss SST.

  7. Pat Lang,
    I’ll be 16 days behind you.

  8. Linda says:

    I will be 74 so not far behind y.ou. I hope you enjoy the momories of all you adventures no matter how hair raising at the time. I just wish that I could have some more adventures – do not like having to stay home

  9. Kilo 4/11 says:

    Meant to say you will be beginning your eightieth year, not celebrating the 80th birthday. Everything else I said holds, naturally.

  10. gordon reed says:

    I have learned much from you and I trust your experience and judgement,if you retire from your blog I understand but your expertise will be missed.

  11. Artemesia says:

    Has SWMBO registered an opinion?
    Congratulations, thank you for what you have shared with SST, and all good blessings.

  12. Charlie Wilson says:

    Damn, I came here to meet sweet young things. Instead I find everyone pushing 80!

  13. E Publius says:

    Dear Colonel Lang,
    Congratulations on your upcoming birthday and I wish you the best of Luck.
    I Will turn 29 in a few weeks from now and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for providing us pilgrims of this dear blog that has thought us many things, from politics to geopolitics and beyond. I tuned in to your blog in the September of last year and ever since it has become a staple part of my political diet. I wish
    E Publius

  14. Sbin says:

    Trying to decide what you want to do when you grow up?
    Few years behind you and still working on that question.

  15. Jack says:

    Congratulations Sir. And many happy returns.
    I’m a few years ahead of you and through the Creators grace in fine physical condition. I find myself invigorated with my ranch and winemaking activities as well as my interactions with entrepreneurs who have such an amazing spirit.
    While I recognize the need to kick back I hope you find a way to continue this insightful oasis of analysis.

  16. turcopolier says:

    SWMBO insists that I continue after a break

  17. I guess that settles that question. Reminds me of the old saying that, no matter what your rank, you always get the last word when talking with the Sergeant Major… “Yes, Sergeant Major.”

  18. David Solomon says:

    Colonel, I think you wife is absolutely correct. The more engaged we old folks are the better for our minds. Happy coming Birthday.

  19. hans says:

    Hope you can keep SST going – you’ve become the irreplaceable man. Next time you seen your doc ask him/her for the 1,000 year warranty -in writing 🙂

  20. akaPatience says:

    Best hopes and wishes for a happy and healthy 80th year Col. Lang!
    It’ll be a major loss if you decide to quit blogging, since SST offers perspectives that are damned-near hard to find elsewhere. It was truly a blow when Larry Johnson ended No Quarter, but because he often referred to you, some of us found our way here. I can appreciate the amount of time and effort it takes to maintain a blog though.
    In any event, good luck. And many thanks for sharing your POV.

  21. optimax says:

    SST is a national treasure and hate the idea of it disappearing. As Doris sang, “Ka sara ka ara.” She had a beautiful voice and it’s available on vinyl.
    Gardner’s Sketch Book of the War is digitized at the following site. Photographs from other artists there also.

  22. Johnb says:

    You any consider succession Colonel but your insight, knowledge and experience is still looked for, that’s my ten cents worth.
    I ask myself, how’s the head? not as sharp but still good. How’s the legs? Still good but not as strong. Good for mileage yet so ‘Have a good one.’

  23. coboarts says:

    Yeah,yeah,ya, and then come back hard and strong, older dude.

  24. PHILIPPE TRUZE says:

    “Ce que femme veut, Dieu le veut” (Musset).

  25. catherine says:

    Happy Birthday Col.
    My crystal ball says you’ll live another decade in good health.
    And its never wrong.

  26. catherine says:

    ”I just wish that I could have some more adventures – do not like having to stay home”
    Me too! I just turned 75 and didn’t realize I was old until I started having daydreams about adventures I use to have.

  27. Happy birthday.
    But what’s the alternative to continuing with SST?
    Daytime TV and drinking?
    That’s the horrible fear that keeps me going at 71.

  28. Lee says:

    Thanks for sticking around so far.

  29. Will1618 says:

    Our Col. is a young turcopolier! On the other hand it seems that the Langs have been around a long time? “[t]he leader of the English ‘Langue’ of the Knights of St John was the order’s turcopolier.”

  30. bob randolph says:

    Happy upcoming birthday.
    I’m with SWMBO; take that break, recharge your batteries and come back to continue leading the charge!

  31. And international! Looks to me like pilgrims come from all over.

  32. Andrew Shand says:

    I am a young 52 with a wife and 4 young children. I love reading your posts.

  33. jdledell says:

    Pat – My very best for you and your wife. The 70’s are just a warm-up for the 80’s and you are READY for whatever comes. – John

  34. Kerim says:

    Happy Birthday to come colonel!
    Wishing you good health and a continued twinkle in your eyes for the next decade

  35. ISL says:

    Dear Colonel,
    I am a firm believer that any muscle requires exercise every day, rain or sun, and that goes most importantly for our mind.
    I recommend spending some quality time with your younger puppy (whatever age, they are always puppies).

  36. John Ison says:

    Sir, congratulations on your upcoming birthday and thank you again for all that you do as our host here at “Sic Semper Tyrannis”. You do us all a great service.

  37. R I E T V E L D says:

    Congratulations with your birthday!
    Please do continue the good work!
    It has been immensely appreciated!

  38. Nancy K says:

    Enjoy your time off and have a wonderful birthday and a happy, healthy and prosperous coming year. what you do is greatly appreciated.

  39. optimax says:

    I stand corrected–it’s a World Heritage Site.

  40. VietnamVet says:

    Congratulations. You’ve lived up to VMI’s motto. “In Pace Decus, In Bello Praesidium”. “In Peace a Glorious Asset, In War a Tower of Strength”. Keep it up.

  41. Keith Harbaugh says:

    A very well-deserved break!
    The academics have sabbaticals; you deserve the same.
    By the way, the time will inevitably eventually come when you will have to end your blogging activity —
    I think it would be a good idea for you to let your followers know who on the web, or elsewhere, you see as a worthy alternative.
    Who comes closest to matching your thoughts.
    My choice, FWIW, for a good alternative is Patrick Buchanan.
    Of course, he lacks your in-depth knowledge of your areas of expertise,
    but his policy suggestions seem to be similar to yours, certainly on the notion of limiting American involvement in “other people’s affairs.”

  42. Anonymous says:

    You old coot! (Says the 72-year old :-).

  43. Fred says:

    Happy birthday sir.

  44. Paco says:

    Feliz Cumpleaños, come the 31st.
    Your blog is a daily must read for me, since there is nothing as stimulating as well informed divergent views -on Latin America, basically-. They bring about true reflexion and enrichment of our own knowledge base.
    Best wishes, and if possible keep it coming.

  45. Bill Hatch says:

    Happy Birthday Colonel. Thanks for sharing your wisdom over the years. SST is an island of sanity in a chaotic world.
    I am celebrating my 75th today by opening another micro-distillery, 2nd City in Augusta GA. A wee dram keeps you young.

  46. Colonel, my sincere congratulations. Or as they used to say in Odessa when asked about health–“Don’t wait for it.”

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