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Who’s the “teach?”

If you think you are are here to sort me out, find someone else to annoy.  10,889 total views,  330 views today

 10,889 total views,  330 views today

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I am back

Survived a bit of nastiness. Thank to my editor who did a great job. Grunt to grunt.  10,036 total views

 10,036 total views

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We have been hacked

For the last several days has been suffering a sustained hack attack. This seems to be commercial attack but it could be a government as well. I do not wish to discuss countermeasures that are being taken. pl  13,156 total … Continue reading

 13,156 total views

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Shot reaction

Unlike SWMBO I have been suffering from a prolonged reaction (three weeks) to the Moderna vaccine. I feel terrible. Will have another shot on the 20th. I am not looking forward to it. Not posting today. pl  7,453 total views

 7,453 total views

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No platform for the Left here

I have made it clear from 2005 on that this site and its predecessor SST is entirely my personal property. If I don’t like what you say and consider it to be untrue, I will not publish it and if … Continue reading

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Wokism has no effect here.

Some ass wrote today to describe Gordon Chang’s piece as “dumb racist talk.” In the world of the Spanish Inquisition come upon us again that may work to intimidate and silence but not here. Such talk will just get you … Continue reading

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Donation Button

Please take note of the PayPal donation button now installed in the side bar. We had one of these on SST. What I expect to see is a reflection of appreciation. Contributions buy you nothing but encourage me to continue. … Continue reading

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Chuck Light

IMO Chuck Light is a Democrat troll. It is a standard technique of trolls to appear to be reasonable at first in order to instill confidence and then suddenly the attack is made. The purpose of the attack is always … Continue reading

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Categorize your posts.

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“The Knight”

Painted by Colonel Robert Sawyer 1978

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