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ISW Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment for 3 Dec – TTG

Ukrainian forces reportedly reached the east (left) bank of the Dnipro River across from Kherson City. The Ukrainian “Carlson” volunteer special air intelligence unit posted footage on December 3 of Ukrainian servicemen traversing the Dnipro River in boats, reaching a wooden … Continue reading

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“Official says over 10,000 Ukrainian troops killed in war”

“A top adviser to Ukraine’s president has cited military chiefs as saying 10,000 to 13,000 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed in the country’s nine-month struggle against Russia’s invasion, a rare comment on such figures and far below estimates of Ukrainian … Continue reading

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“Russia stops deploying battalion tactical groups due to their ineffectiveness, says UK intelligence” – TTG

It is highly likely that Russia has completely stopped deploying its typical military formations, called “Battalion Tactical Groups” (BTGs), in the past three months, the United Kingdom Defence Intelligence reported on its update on the situation in Ukraine as of … Continue reading

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“NATO meets to talk Ukraine at scene of one of its most controversial decisions”

“NATO meets on Tuesday to drum up much-needed support for Ukraine.  Foreign ministers from countries in the western military alliance will gather in Romania to discuss how they can assist Ukraine after Russian strikes on its power networks ahead of … Continue reading

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 “… Russian troops struggle with friendly fire and Ukrainian tricks”

“Due to a lack of communication, it is believed that Russian artillery has targeted its own troops. Air defences have also engaged friendly aircraft as the Khibniy system of electronic countermeasures that is supposed to protect Russian pilots has interfered … Continue reading

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” … How the U.S. Totally Misjudged the War in Ukraine”

“The war in Ukraine isn’t going the way Russian President Vladimir Putin expected. And he’s certainly not the only one who was caught by surprise—the U.S. expected a rapid Russian success, with the Kremlin’s tanks inside Kyiv within days. Many U.S. officials from the … Continue reading

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“Artillery Is Breaking in Ukraine. It’s Becoming a Problem for the Pentagon.” – TTG

WASHINGTON — Ukrainian troops fire thousands of explosive shells at Russian targets every day, using high-tech cannons supplied by the United States and its allies. But those weapons are burning out after months of overuse, or being damaged or destroyed … Continue reading

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“Vladimir Putin’s plot to freeze Ukraine into submission looks destined to fail”

“The obvious aim is sap morale and force Ukraine to negotiate – but so far, it’s having quite the reverse effect. As far as opinion polls can ascertain, Ukrainian public opinion is to keep fighting until every inch of Ukrainian … Continue reading

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“This is how Vladimir Putin’s dismal rule ends”

“Back in the 1990s, when Europe experienced another eruption of barbarous violence in the form of the Yugoslav conflict, there was a similar mood of pessimism that those responsible for committing genocidal horrors, such as the Srebrenica massacre, would ever … Continue reading

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AAA is back.

“Using big, expensive long-range surface-to-air missiles, known as SAMs, to stop a low-tech drone such as a quadcopter is like using an elephant gun to stop a flea. The increasing reliance on relatively slow, low-flying missiles and aircraft has made flak … Continue reading

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